Ebony Ballbusting Torture

Ebony ballbusting sounds something that all of you black girls lovers should try at least once. It is a life changing experience. I believe there is a scientific explanation why people subjected to the ebony ballbusting reported higher levels of pain than usual. You probably know that there is a difference between black people musculature compared to the other races. Luckily for them, they are in advantage. There are various opinions why black people (especially females) are so strong. If you are interested in this subject, read more about it here. Anyway, if we skip that part and accept things like they, the best thing would be to see how that looks in reality.

In the ballbusting femdom torture video below, you are about to see Mistress Ava Black. This time she is not in its usual strapon dominatrix edition and a video is showing her practicing. Keeping body in shape is one of the most important things for a Femdom Mistress. Of course, even the regular workout includes some slave torture. Obviously, her appetite for domination is so big that she placed two slaves since one was simply not enough. They are tied and aligned in front of her. When you look at the video you will notice that mistress Ava Black consider all this as some kind of joke. Even if the ball busting is one of the most painful things from the slave’s perspective, she is laughing and teasing them all the time.

Strong, proud and dominant, black Goddess picked up the older guy first. You never know, an old guy like him could get a heart attack from the fear in case that he had a chance to watch how she is ballbusting another guy. So better be sure and ruin him first while another guy is watching. The best thing with ball busting femdom torture is that size doesn’t matter. Even the biggest and strongest guy will suffer equally as the weakest one as soon as he gets a first kick in the groins. The best part is when those guys start screaming like the little girls. Frankly, balls kicking is one of my favorite fem dom torture methods. Mostly because you can send a guy on the floor in the very short time period and there is no better example of a real power exchange and domination.

Ebony ballbusting video:

Ebony Ballbusting Torture
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