Ebony Toilet Slave

Ebony toilet slave kneeling below his ebony princess now has a special role Mistress is expecting from him. You know, hygiene is one of the most important things for women and dominant ladies have some extra requirements when it comes to cleanliness maintenance.

What you are looking at is the part usually no one is talking about. The majority of human toilet fetish lovers are happy just to see humiliation stuff like female domination piss drinking, or more extreme femdom scat domination. But what happens after? Is there something else toilet slaves are responsible for? Of course, there is and you are just looking at slave femdom servitude coming after the main action.

Ebony toilet slave

Same as most civilized people, Dominant ladies want to maintain their hygiene after defecating or urination. What differs them from “ordinary” women is that they can use men slaves instead of soap or other hygiene products. The main advantage of this approach is that besides being cleaned, there is always a dosage of pleasure involved. Not only from additional slave humiliation but also from vaginal or rectal stimulation that is always a part of a good toilet humiliation. Ebony interracial domination photos below are portraying white slave toilet training so pay attention!

black femdom Mistress interracial femdom

Before ebony hot action starts, the submissive guy is placed in such a position that there is practically no escape. With his hands tied to a Mistress’s favorite chair, BDSM slave is into a position where his face will perfectly match big black ass. Still, some corrections are necessary so the black Goddess is roughly pushing the slave’s head until she is satisfied. 

ebony toilet slave

Once the slave is positioned precisely between the ass cheeks, Mistress is giving the order to start. Confused and afraid of how he will perform, the sub is too aggressive with tongue movement. And that is something every serious woman hates. There is no speeding and there is no shortcut when it comes to ass eating! Every single move has to be carefully performed and with absolute respect for that body part. 

What slave’s should expect in these kinds of kinky situations is that Mistress will deliberately fart into the slave’s nose, to remind him about what she had for a meal. 

anal hole cleaning

The photo above is taken from a different angle, so you can get a better idea about the size of this hot chick ebony ass and how beautiful it is. It is a real honor to serve big butt ebony Goddess and slave should never forget that. It is a real honor to feel pieces of her poo and feel remaining drops of golden shower mixed with fresh pussy juice coming from her stimulated vagina.

Mistress sitting on slave's face

If you are wondering what is the average time necessary for the pathetic bathroom slave to finish his ass cleaning job, the answer depends on various parameters. For example, how dirty and stinky Domme’s ass currently is? Then, how much she is actually enjoying sex slave ass worship in face sitting position. Some girls will always demand a licking pussy as mandatory in these kinds of situations while some are not interested in that because they have specialized slaves trained for forced pussy worship.

Judging by the photo above where sexy black Dominatrix in boots is reading a magazine while the slave is servicing her, personal bondage slave will be busy for a while. 

forced ass domination

I know you are currently enjoying hot butt ebony fetish photos above, but you should know that this is not the only gallery related to femdom toilet slavery and featuring hot black women. There are also some great sex games and slave porn updates from before I would like to recommend.

My favorite black women scat update is about busty ebony dominatrix forcing older white guy to lick her arse while she is on the toilet! But you should also watch big tits ebony piss in mouth exclusive video if you are looking for more genuine and exclusive female supremacy content featuring human toilets and this kind of men servitude. 

But why would I limit myself only to scenes featuring dark skin Dommes? Having a fetish for black women is totally fine but that doesn’t mean you should stay deprived of good toilet slavery scenarios, right? If you agree with me on that, take a look at a few more really great femdom toilet scenes.

The first one is a little bit different than the other ones because you are about to be placed into the POV (point of view) position of a slave staring straight into kinky Mistress’s pussy while she is pissing! It is a very realistic female supremacy video so turn up the volume so you can hear Goddess pissing and enjoying while doing it.

The second one is a great example of amateur femdom. It is one more scene where a dominant woman doesn’t have to be a pro domina or a pro Mistress. It is enough to have a pussy dirty from a hot piss and a wish to force slave cleaning dirty vagina right on the spot.

And finally, the last scene for today is a genuine toilet sub female domination gallery where a Mistress is forcing the slave to take even the last drop of her stinky golden shower

Anyway, cold weather is coming and there is nothing so thrilling as a warm female shit. It is still a taboo for most of the people but I am willing to talk more about it and expose visitors to scat sex and toilet farts debauchery. While waiting for the genuine fresh toilet BDSM slavery videos and photos, be free to use the search option in the top left corner and dive deeper into my website. You will find some really interesting stuff related to toilet slavery fetishism and you can get some great new ideas you should propose to your Mistress owner so she can try them on you. Of course, if you deserve her attention in that very special and intimate way.

Ebony Toilet Slave
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