Ella Kros Facesitting

Ella Kross facesitting is such a beautiful scene to see. Especially if those facesitting photos are taken from the close just like these exclusive photos are. Below, you can see Mistress Ella Kross facesitting this slave and give him a view of heaven today, bounding cling film on the floor staring straight up into her crotch! She decides to give him a close-up, smothering his face before commanding him to pleasure her orally. But that is just the beginning of this femdom humiliation session. Hope you were not expecting that face sitting is the only thing that will please experienced humiliatrix like Ella Kross?

Things then get very intense when she pisses over his face and ensures that he cleans her up. From we can see here, she was keeping her piss for a while so there is a fair amount of stinky piss waiting for a slave. While she is giving him a femdom golden shower, you can clearly see how her piss is going down the black mask that slave has over his ugly face. This way her slave officially became a femdom toilet that she is going to use in the future. 

Below you can enjoy Mistress Ella Kross facesitting photos and I’ve picked up few more femdom pissing galleries similar to this one. Check out dominatrix golden shower photos of a gorgeous blonde in black fishnet stockings pissing in slave’s mouth. Also, don’t miss this great ebony pissing dominatrix video if you are into black femdom and ebony femdom humiliation fetish.

Anyway, when it comes to the femdom pissing, this is one of my favorite updates. Probably because I know Dominatrix Ella for a long time and I can’t wait to see her next update. The last one that was also good is the Mistress Ella Kross anal fingering humiliation where she is preparing slave’s ass for a brutal strapon anal fucking. 

Ella Kross Facesitting photos: 

Ella Kros Facesitting
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