The Empress Jazmin Wu

Empress Jazmin Wu is simultaneously formidably strong and exquisitely delicate. Her play is sensual and smart, sublime and sadistic. She incorporates Eastern methodology into her sacred play of BDSM. Explore what it truly means to worship, try forced feminization, chastity training, discover her traditional Chinese torture methods. Showers, impact play, and so much more. The Empress loves rope and all forms of bondage; she’ll tie up your mind so snugly, your body will easily surrender to her will. Relax in the distinctive safety of bondage. Isn’t it time you left the stress of day-to-day life behind and shared your most tender self with the commanding Empress who prizes your submission?

When the Empress enters a room, heads turn. Women appreciate her style and grace. Men feel their knees weaken and their palms sweat, for their resolve and self-control evaporate. In fact, they find themselves transported to the palm of The Empress Jazmin Wu’s feminine hand. She’ll take the most intimate fears and transport you into an elevated plane of existence. The Empress adores servile foot fetishists, and her collection of designer shoes will fit into your worshipful hands just as beautifully as they glide onto her enchanting feet.

BDSM is My life path, says Empress Wu. My experience in this sensual realm has led me to steward your journey of sexual awakening. Each sound I utter is intentional—and hypnotic. Careful thought and rigorous training formed Me into the powerful sex symbol I am today.

Polished, professional, and potent Empress Jazmin Wu has dedicated her powers to growing her global harem. Dare to present yourself to the Empress. Every step of the journey will arouse you, stir up your most forbidden fantasies, and inspire you to submit wholly. Explore your most subtle, unspoken desires. Open that box of fetishes you’ve kept locked inside, for The Empress Jazmin Wu knows how to care for each precious obsession—and just how to handle, display, and train you.

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New York City, New york
slave training, bondage, tease and denial, sensory play, foot worship
The Empress Jazmin Wu
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