Enthralled and Enslaved

Enthralled and Enslaved is the new story by Steve Rulesh. I’ve just got it and decided to publish it. This is probably one of the longest femdom stories recently, so prepare yourself to spend some quality time reading, it is definitely worth. You can also leave comments below and vote at the bottom of the story, just like with any other article here on Femdom Destiny. Author notified us that he has as several more nice stories available so expect them published soon! 


Enthralled and Enslaved


I came home one Sunday afternoon late in May to find my college roommate Dave frantically cleaning up the ever-present traces of the ongoing party that was our life apart from token efforts at studying. 


“My step-mom is going to be here in less than an hour”, he fretted while sweeping up a pile of bottle caps from under the coffee table.”I’ll want you to be on your best behavior. I told you what she’s like and I don’t want any trouble. None of your smart ass remarks or innuendos.”


He had indeed told me what “she” was like, a woman in her late thirties married to his father, twenty years her senior, very strict, judgmental and domineering. It pained Dave to even talk about her. Beyond that I didn’t know much other than she had once been a Marine Corps drill sergeant, was now a high school principal and would be attending a week-long conference at the university.


Dave was taking a bag of trash to the dumpster out back when the doorbell rang so it took it upon myself to answer the door and greet the infamous harridan myself. I swung the door open and was frozen in my tracks by a pair of emerald eyes under arching dark brows set in an attractive oval face wearing the expression of one whose authority ought not be questioned. Her dark hair was drawn up in a tight bun. My eyes wandered downward, I couldn’t help looking her over, checking her out. She was about average height, a bit plump but in a voluptuous way, her curves hugged by a tight, short skirted black dress with neckline scooped to show cleavage, black net stockings on her shapely tapered legs, black spike heeled pumps on her feet. I looked into her eyes again, returned her stare for a moment but I blinked first and looked away flustered. I had expected someone prim and buttoned down and moralistic not sultry and alluring. She held her appraising, riveting stare, taking me in, a blond, muscular six footer in tank top, cut off blue jeans and sandals. I felt naked and a thrill ran through me, one like I had never felt before.


I found myself tongue tied at first but managed to stammer “p-p-lease come in” and then “I’m Steve and you are?”


“Mrs.Berg to you for now but it might be Julia later if you show me respect’.”


 She entered and I followed taking a deep breath to regain my composure. Dave returned from out back just then.


“So David, this is the palace we’re paying for you to live in,” she said, casting a critical eye around the hastily cleaned up living room. “I just hope you’re keeping your peter in your pants like I told you.”


Dave flushed and grimaced and then asked her to please just sit down. She inspected the sofa briefly and took what seemed to her to be the cleanest end. Dave joined her on the couch and I took a chair opposite her.


She continued: “I know what young boys like you can be up to when there’s nobody around to keep an eye on you. I told your father nineteen was too young for you to be unsupervised. And this specimen, who I presume is you roommate, looks at me like he wants me to take my clothes off. Is that what you want…specimen?”


I couldn’t help myself. Some sudden urge to spite and provoke her took hold of me. I grinned and blurted out “Well, we like to encourage free expression around here…Julia!”


Dave slapped his forehead and covered his face with his hand.  Her eyes stabbed me again briefly and a hint of a leer crossed her face while Dave sat looking at the floor. But she let my remark it pass, turned to Dave and lapsed into small talk about routine family matters, ignoring me for the most part except for the occasional piercing, knowing, glance when Dave wasn’t looking. And each glance, though brief, made me feel naked again and I fidgeted in my chair. 


She dispatched Dave to the kitchen to make coffee and prepare a snack for her and while he was away she turned to me. “Come out to the car with me specimen…I mean Stephen. I have some things I’ve brought for David you can help me carry in.” I snapped to my feet to follow as if compelled by a will other than my own. It alarmed me a bit so I put a smirk across my face and held it there to keep up appearances.


When we got to the car she found a scrap of paper and a pen, scribbled something on it and handed it to me. “I’m staying at this hotel downtown. I’ll expect you there at 7 PM. I think we need to talk about how you might change this attitude you have toward authority.” I gave the paper a token glance, curled my lip in contempt.


“Oh yeah right Julia. Sure. I’m there, seven sharp.” I crumbled the paper and tossed it away with a sniff. “Don’t hold your breath…Mrs. Berg.” But I had read it and did know where to go. 


“Well I’ll be there waiting for you. You’ll come if you know what’s good for you. I let your impudent remark pass because I didn’t want a scene but I don’t tolerate disrespect and I can see to it there will be consequences. I know people in the university administration The way you appear to be corrupting my stepson could land you in some trouble. Now pick up that big box there and carry it in!” I complied, feeling compelled once again. I had let my guard down for a moment and was rattled by how I reflexively responded to her tone of command. My sweating palms and racing heart belied my spiteful facade.


She stayed until about six o’clock. Most of the visit consisted of her lecturing Dave about curbing his sex drive. Those eyes bored into me one more time as she left. I felt a tingle of excitement but shrugged it off, not sure what to make of it.


At first I tried to dismiss her “invitation” but a compulsion took hold of me rooted in a secret longing I had suppressed all my short life, one this domineering woman had brought to the surface. At about six thirty I picked up a couple of my textbooks and told Dave I was going to the library. It was open seven days a week so students could study for finals so my excuse for leaving was plausible. The hotel was within walking distance for a young man who didn’t mind a hike and I made it there about five minutes after seven. I took the elevator to the top floor, found the room and knocked. The door was slightly ajar as if I was expected. I heard her say “come in”.


She was dressed as before and sitting in an armchair next to the bed with a glass of red wine in her hand and there was a bottle and another glass on the sideboard. Green lasers seemed to burn twin holes through me.


“You’re late!”


“Late? You’re not the boss of me lady. I didn’t have to come here at all.” 


“Well just get yourself a glass of wine and sit down. We might just as well relax. There’s a lot to talk about. It’s your future at stake Stephen.”


“But I’m only nineteen, under age. Aren’t you trying to corrupt me now?”


“I’m sure that’s a big concern to you considering the reek of stale beer in that dump you live in.”  


“OK Julia, I’ll take you up on that glass of wine but don’t get any big ideas about ‘reforming’ me. I don’t know who the hell you think you are.” I smirked.  “Why don’t we pick up where we left off earlier, about you taking off your clothes?” I clung to my facade but my grip was slipping.


I stepped over to the sideboard and reached for the wine bottle. My back was to her. Without warning I felt a hand grab each of my wrists and pull them behind my back. There was a click and my hands were bound. She shoved me forward so I bent over the sideboard. I struggled but was shocked at the strength hidden beneath those seemingly soft feminine curves. Before I knew it my belt was undone and my cutoff jeans were yanked down around my ankles. Somehow she twisted belt and shorts together to bind my ankles tight. She spun me around and shoved me toward the foot of the bed tripping me so I fell belly down with my knees on the floor. I felt a gouge into the back of my neck as she ground the spike heel of her shoe into it, forcing my face down against the mattress. I realized “plump” wasn’t the word to describe her. Under those curves were hard muscles and she handled me with such ease she must have known something of martial arts.


“So you want to learn manners hard way then? Very well!” I twisted and writhed but only got more gouging from her heel into my neck in a spot that brought burning pain. I caught a glimpse of her right hand holding a short thin black whip. There was a whooshing sound and a white hot line of pain seared me across the buttocks. I cried out and struggled harder but the whip fell again and then again, making me blurt out apologies and plead with her to stop.


“You had your chance. I’ll stop when I think your apology is sincere young man!” With that the strokes began to fall one after another with increasing force and cadence. My pleas fell on deaf ears, even seemed to incite her but finally when I despaired of the pain ever ending and broke down into hopeless sobbing she stopped. My ass felt on fire. I heard her breathing heavily, winded from laying the whip to me so hard and long. She grabbed my hair and pulled me back a bit so I knelt near the foot of the bed. Slipping in front of me she stood in the small space between and hiked up her skirt. 


She wore no panties, just garters to hold up her stockings. With another tug on my hair she pressed my face into the thick black wedge of hair between her thighs. Her bush was soaked in sweat from her efforts with the whip and redolent with the feral musk of her womanhood. She rolled her hips forward passing her wet cunt over my face a couple of times before lying back on the bed and pulling me forward so my face was buried in her lush oozing crevice.


“Now lick it! Show me you’ve learned your manners!”


I put up some token resistance at first but the scent and taste of her dizzied and thrilled me. My cock stiffened to wood. I yielded to her. And I realized my suppressed longing had come to its fulfillment. I wanted this, had long yearned for it, for a woman like her to take command of me and make me serve her pleasure this way. I could tell she sensed my surrender and it pleased and inflamed her. 


There was another secret I kept. I was a virgin. Most guys my age claimed to have “known woman” and so did I but the truth was I had reached nineteen with only a bit of necking and petting on my sexual resume. So I had no clue how to please her, I could only do what I could to express my submission and accept her guidance and instruction. I laved my tongue about between her legs aimlessly at first but she soon had me probing my tongue deep in her vagina as she drove her mount hard against my face.


“Like that! Deep inside me! Good! Yes!”


Then she pushed my head back a bit and I saw her cunt in the glory of its arousal and at its top the hot pink orb. It was what she wanted me to see. “See it there? My clit! Lick it! Suck it!” I leaned forward and engulfed it in my eager mouth laying my tongue to it with a passion while closing my lips on it too, massaging it between them. Her hips rolled in soft undulations and she lapsed into giddy babbling, transported. Then firm muscular thighs clamped my head hard between them as a great shudder passed over her and a primal wail of ecstasy rang out. With a deep sigh of animal satisfaction, she went limp, seemingly unconscious. Overcome with adoration, I planted a few tender kisses inside her thighs and over her mount and then rested my head against her hairy wetness awaiting her next wish, not wanting to disturb her afterglow.


After a while she sat up and pushed me backward so I knelt at her feet. I kept my head bowed as my mind reeled. My cock was like iron and my heart raced but I didn’t dare make a move toward her.


“You wanted this, didn’t you? So brash, so insolent! You put on a good act but I saw it through it. You wanted to provoke me so I would take you in hand and make you submit. I wonder if you even knew it yourself at first. Trust me young thing I wanted it too the moment I saw you. I knew you were the one I’ve been looking for, and for so long. I bet you’re a virgin too aren’t you?”


I nodded, knowing it was futile to lie and wanting to lay myself bare to her anyway.


“Excellent, perfect! You’re clay to be molded. I have my own confession to make. I’ve never done this before either. I’m no virgin,of course. I’ve done my share of fucking, mostly flings and short affairs. And I haven’t been above fucking a man once in awhile to get what I wanted from him. My husband is an impotent cold old fish but his money keeps me in the way I like. Every time I tried to be my real self with a man he would run like a scared rabbit as soon I tried to make him eat my pussy. I guess I’m a virgin too in that way. Would you believe that was the first time I’ve ever been sucked properly? I’ve carried the whip and cuffs with me everywhere just on the off chance of finding someone like you but I had almost given up hope. Then that door opened and there you were. All those years of fantasizing and masturbating are behind me now. It’s time to make it real. If you’ve had any plans for your life forget them young thing. You’re mine now.


She had me turn around and unlocked the cuffs, then ordered me to undress. I shed my shirt and shorts and knelt before her again, naked in body, mind and soul. She said I was hers and from that moment I wanted nothing more.


“Help me out of these clothes now. It’s hot in here and we’ve got so much more to do tonight.”


She turned and I unzipped the dress and slipped it off of her, then undid garters and stockings. When she was naked she slipped back into her pumps and stepped back from me a few feet as I remained there on my knees. Her nudity revealed her as a classic beauty. I drank in the sight of her, creamy skin, lovely curves, full breasts with large dark nipples. She posed herself proudly, turning slowly, assuming different postures to exhibit her womanly charms, whip in hand. There was a muscular grace in her every movement. I knew the muscles of a tigress rippled beneath her feminine softness. My cock jutted forth all the harder and my balls ached. She smiled as she stared down at my pulsing organ.


“You like what you see don’t you. Men always do. I’ve never had any trouble seducing one to get my way. But they’ve all been the same until now. They just want to come, never giving a thought to my pleasure. But you my darling will come to know this body intimately. All the dreams of pleasure I’ve had over so many years will come true with you. Funny how my own body is still a mystery to me in many ways. I’ll teach you and learn about myself too as we go along. I suppose you want to come now. Maybe you will, or not! We’ll see. For now, just obey and please me and you may have hope. Now come here and kiss my feet!” 


Her tone of command turned me to jelly. I flung myself down and showered kisses with lips and tongue over her shoes and insteps, eager to grovel for her.


“Yes! Lick the shoes! Shine them up for me!” I slobbered spit over the leather then licked until it shone brightly. I dared to kiss higher up her leg, hoping to know more of her womanliness, praying I could taste her once more. She permitted it, moving her leg a bit in seeming encouragement so I worked my way slowly higher, up to her calves and her knees circling around her. She set her feet apart a bit as I made my way up her thighs, lingering there adoring their comely shape, running my lips around and between them. My mouth pressed against her hip, level with her cunt and I made a small move toward it but instead, she guided my to her rear pressing my face into the exquisite firm softness of her left cheek.


“Kiss it! Everywhere! Every inch!” 


I set about my duty, dizzy with longing, finding heaven in her swelling curves. Her skin was silken soft. I kissed my way across her ass above her crack and completed my adoration of her other cheek. She reached behind her with both hands, took my head and guided my face into her cleft. Guessing at her wishes I licked it up and down. With one hand she pushed my head lower, then with both hands she spread herself and wiggled her behind backward pressing her anus against my lips.


“Hold me apart!” I took a cheek in each hand and spread her so she could lean forward with hands on knees, forcing her ass against my face. 


“Now lick! Get your tongue in there! Clean me!” 


At once repulsed and enthralled I bored in with my tongue to do her bidding. The rank scent of her unwashed crack was perfume to me. Unbidden, I ran my tongue up and down it, loving the salty musk I found there. She moaned her approval.


“Now down to my hole. Get your tongue inside me!”


Stiffening my tongue and projecting it as far as it would go, I leaned in to probe deep, showing a hungry passion for the taste of her, desperate to please. She was soiled as might be expected after a normal day and I searched every nook and crevice of her vortex for what flakes and smears lingered there until she was spotless. Then she opened herself letting my tongue in deeper, past the inner rim of her anus and I swabbed out what clung there. It was rich on my tongue.  


“Am I clean now?”




“Good. Then lick me more. It feels so good! I’ve always wanted to feel a tongue in there but I never imagined it would feel this good! Come on!”


I bored in again, wriggling my tongue in and out but it tired and I paused a moment, unable to continue. There was a whoosh and her whip stung me across the hip and again and again. I tried but couldn’t keep going even with repeated lashing. Frustrated, she grabbed my hair and dragged me to the bed. I was a rag doll in her hand, light and compliant. After pulling me unto my back and sprawling me full length she straddled my face while leaning forward on the headboard. Again I saw her rampant cunt hovering above me and below it the dark brown pucker of her anus, twitching in anticipation.


“Stick your tongue out! Straight up! Now!” I obeyed, straining to extend my tongue as far as it would go and make it stiff. She settled down to anally impale herself on it then ground and gyrated. I forced my head upward to give her maximum penetration, contrite over my earlier failure. She rode me until she reached her moment and rolled her hips, rubbing her wet cunt over my face as she worked backward to press her clitoris against my lips. I knew what to do. It took seconds. She stiffened, convulsed, gave out a deep breathy moan of brute satisfaction and gushed a salty wetness that filled my mouth. I swallowed it down, intoxicated, and I knew I would have a thirst from then on that only one thing could quench.


Presently she moved backward, straddling my waist. She looked down at me, her eyes now soft with affection.


“What orgasms! So deep! Brutish! Some men have managed to make me come but never like that. Did I ever gush! I’ve heard about it and read about it but I’ve never had it happen.”


“I swallowed it. I loved it. Please let me have more!”  


“Oh you’ll have your fill and more trust me. I’ve never known what it’s like to be really satisfied. I can’t let you go unrewarded for what you’ve given me tonight Stephen. It might just be time to take care of that virginity problem of yours. Would you like that?”


“Oh god, please yes!”


Pulling the pins from her hair she let it fall in a raven cascade over her shoulders and breasts. She slid back until her hips were below my cock and took it in her hand, stroking it softly, eyes glinting, gloating over it. I writhed in longing at her touch. 


“It’s lovely and never used and it’s mine. God I’m going to enjoy this! Now here’s what it’s like to be inside a woman!”


Shifting forward she aligned herself and enveloped me. My organ entered a warm wet softness that felt so good it frightened me. I knew I would be forever helpless to resist it, would do anything for it. For her to deny it to me would be worse torment by far than her whip. She raised and lowered herself in a soft rhythm, running the silken walls of her vagina up and down my shaft making me squirm and thrust upward. But when I did that she stopped and only began again when I lay still. I shuddered, helpless. Increasing her cadence she added a clutching of her pocket on my pole, squeezing and releasing as she moved up and down. I felt the first twinge of coming but she sensed it too and stopped, leaving me gasping. Several more times she took me to the brink and pulled me back. I begged but she just smiled and continued, torturing me with pleasure. Then it was time. I saw her reach behind and felt her grab my aching balls, giving them a hard squeeze as she continued her maddening caresses on my cock.


 I had come many a time with the help of my right hand. I’d had to do something to ease myself over the years. But in my wildest moments of fantasy about shooting my load in a woman I had never experienced the spasmodic eruption and waves of hot sharp pleasure that consumed me as I emptied myself deep inside her. I felt my balls contract with each spurt of teeming cum. Then with a deep sigh I went limp, gasping out “I love you!”


“I know you do darling. I’ve never had a cock feel so good inside me. A perfect fit, like we were made for each other. But you’ve made a terrible mess down there now and something will have to be done about it.” She disengaged herself from my shrinking shaft and moved forward to straddle my face again, holding her crotch just above me. 


“Lick it up! Suck it out of me!”


My white ooze was everywhere, flowing from her cavern, running in crawly trickles down her thighs. I hesitated at first but my urge to submit to her overcame my revulsion.  I lapped and sucked her clean and aroused her again. She pressed her anus down over my mouth and I stiffened my tongue for her, letting her ride it until she was ready. She fed me her clit and I satisfied her, receiving another heavy gush of nectar as my reward. She rolled off to the side with a sigh and lay on her back with her head on a pillow. She yawned and stretched.


“Bedtime. It”s getting a bit late.  I’ll be here until Friday for this incredibly boring conference I’m required to attend. Things start at eight sharp.”


“I’d better be going then myself. I’ve got finals coming up and I’m way behind of course.”


“You weren’t listening were you? Didn’t I make myself clear? You are mine Stephen. You’re not going anywhere. You’ll be staying here in the room. Tomorrow you’ll wait here for me and when I get back from the conference we’ll continue where we left off tonight. Now lay your head right here and go to sleep.”


She laid her hand on her thighs just below her bush to let me know where to lie. I hesitated, mumbling something about school but she just grabbed my ear and pulled my head down into her lap. Her touch swept away any will to resist. It was a king sized bed and I was able to lie full length across it. My nose was tickled by her curly pubes. No chains could have kept me captive more surely than the scent that filled my nostrils.


“There! I knew you’d see it my way. I want you down there ready to give me some more tongue love if I wake up horny later. Sleep tight!”


She tossed the covers over both of us. I lay there, listening to her soft steady breathing and her pulse pounding softly in her thighs. She drifted off to sleep easily, the soft sweet sleep of a satisfied woman. I lay there in turmoil for awhile, half wanting to slip out the door but my next breath brought that scent to me again. I drank it in, yielded to it and I slept.


The alarm clock woke me. I still lay with my head across her thighs. She stirred, tossed aside the covers and slipped out from underneath me. After a brief trip into the bathroom she lay back down on the with legs apart then gave me an impatient nudge.


“Don’t tell me you don’t know what to do.”


I was down between her legs in a flash, running my tongue up her crevice, tasting the wet salty leavings of her piss. She raised her knees and spread wider, letting me lick hungrily on my own for awhile, pleased by my craving for the taste of her. Then I felt her feet on my head and she shoved me down making sure I went all the way to lay my tongue to her brown blossom. She took some time to enjoy my probing and slithering then invited me upward to satisfy her. She finished with a deep sigh of pure pleasure.


“Whew!  I needed that. Now go shower and shave.”


I made quick work of my ablutions and came back out of the bathroom to see her still lying there legs still apart in command and invitation.


“Once more! I need it to tide me over until tonight. But go slow. We have some time to spare”


 By then I had learned much. That hairy mystery between her thighs was giving up it’s secrets to me. My tongue found the spots that brought her bliss without need for her instruction and she passed into sweet delirium. I continued until she gave me the now familiar signs of her readiness and I set her off, sending her into that sated daze once more.  

“Quite the apt pupil!” she said with a chuckle when she recovered herself. 


She went into the bathroom and showered then dressed herself for the day. I looked around, asked where my own clothes had gone. She laughed.


“Don’t worry. I hid those rags you call clothes in a safe place to help make sure you’ll stay put. And I want you naked, all the time. Thinking of you waiting for me here is the only way I’ll survive the day without dying of boredom. Call room service if you’re hungry. And don’t be shy about renting an adult film or two. In fact, you are under strict orders to do that. I’ll be checking to make sure you did. We’ve got a long night ahead of us when I get back and I want you horny.”


I stood there bewildered. And I had forgotten my own needs until then. My shaft jutted out stiff as iron. She looked at it then stepped over to me and took it in a grip that left no doubt of her ownership.


“And don’t get any ideas. You’re going to save this for me. Any fooling around and I’ll know. You’ll get another taste of my whip boy!”


She pulled my cock to bring me close to her, grabbed my hair in both hands, pressed her lips to my mouth and raped it with her tongue, a deep fierce kiss of possessive lust.


 “Goodbye. Back about five.” She was gone.


I don’t know how I made it through the hours that followed. Her scent was with me through it all, a constant reminder.  I rented movies as she commanded, inflaming me all the more. Many times my hand made it’s way to my cock involuntarily and only a supreme effort of will stopped me. My balls ached so that toward the end of the day I lay doubled over in bed moaning and rocking back and forth.


The click of the key in the lock was promise of sweet deliverance. I hopped up to greet her stumbling, falling to my knees at the foot of the bed. The door opened and she stood with a gleam of lewd anticipation in her eyes when she saw me kneeling there with worshipful wide eyed gaze, rampant shaft protruding.  She stepped forward to stand close before me, hiked up her skirt and stood with legs apart. She was naked underneath. Her bush exuded fresh whiffs of her musk.


“Get me off! Now!”


I buried my face in her hairy fragrant wetness, going right to her clit working it with my lips and tongue as she grabbed my hair and drove forward with her hips. In mere moments she shuddered, dug her nails into my scalp holding me in a ferocious grip. She made a snarling sound followed by a joyous sigh of sweet relief as she gave me a flooding mouthful of the salty juice of her pleasure. Her knees buckled and I wrapped my arms around her hips to keep her from falling. After a few deep breaths she regained her balance and then: “Get me out of these fucking clothes!”


Hands shaking, I helped her strip. She fell back onto the bed, opening her legs and raising her knees to her chest. 


“More! My asshole! Get busy!”


I went to my knees and pressed my face deep into her oozing crevice and found her blossom with my tongue. Probing deep I wriggled and slithered it in and out rewarded by her soft moans of delight. Her need was still urgent but she took some time to enjoy. I took this time to find the motions that seemed to please her most and she helped, instructing me, sometimes with words or with movements that signaled her pleasure. When ready she rolled her hips and tugged me upward by the ears to serve her little pink pulsing nubbin. Very soon her thighs clamped me in their heavenly grip and she convulsed, filled my mouth again and went limp, semiconscious, quivering softly making sweet sounds of contentment. I rested my head across her mount waiting to fulfill her next wish. She sat up, pushed me away a bit, touched my cheek, looked at me with tenderness in her eyes.


“God I needed that! I was going to come back here during lunch break but I got trapped into staying by this jerk who I need to help me get a job I’ve been after. What a sexist bastard! I’d like to take my whip to him until he’s a bloody pulp. And he wouldn’t get to taste my pussy either. If I hadn’t found you yesterday I probably would have held my nose and fucked him to help get my way but those days are gone.”


She reached down to grab and fondle me. I thrust my hips against the grip of her hand in silent beseeching, my desire agony, tears rolling down my face.


“Were you like this all day, this hard?”


“Yes. How could I help it?”


“Wonderful! All day I was dreaming of you just this way, with this wonderful thing stiff and throbbing and ready to make me happy when I got back here. I can see you have been a good boy and saved it for me, every drop of that cum. Now I’ll show you what good boys get. Stand up!”


I stood and she went to her knees before me, engulfed my throbbing eight inches in the velvet grip of her mouth. With lips and tongue she stroked my shaft back and forth maddening me with each pass along it’s length. A couple of minutes were enough for me to feel the first surge of my release welling up. She accepted my first eruption full in the mouth and then took me all the way down her throat, letting me pump my spurting strength straight down her gullet into her ravenous belly. Now my own knees gave out and she guided me to the bed and I toppled onto it, a heap of sated jelly. I just lay staring at the ceiling, bedazzled.


She sat up against the headboard, propping herself on a pillow and reached for the TV remote. When she found a porno movie she liked she rented it and settled back to watch.


“Get me some wine!”


I hastened to obey, getting the bottle and a glass from the sideboard. I poured it full and handed it to her. She patted the bed beside her.


“Just lie down here and recover a bit. I’ll be warmed up again soon and so will you I’ll bet. And your cum is delectable by the way. I could feel your little critters teeming in my mouth. And so much! I feel full. Lots’s of protein!” She chuckled. ” I could go for a snack though, oysters I think, lots of them, Champagne too. Two bottles. Call room service.”


When the food arrived I told them to leave it outside the door and slipped out furtively a minute later to bring the tray in. I laid it across her lap and she had me kneel on the floor beside her. She fed me oysters off the shell like I was her dog, also giving me sips of wine from from her glass. After several glasses I felt the wine making me tipsy and I could tell she felt it too.


“I’ll be wanting some more of that cock soon. You’re quite a lovely young beast and taming you has been a joy. I’ll never forget the thrill I felt when you surrendered. Now that I’ve stripped away that stupid front you put up you’re so sweet and sensitive and adoring! Tonight you’re going to find out what every night of our life together is going to be like. I’m going to enjoy you until I wring every drop of cum out of you. But I’d like to relax a bit first. Lick my feet!”


My obedience was instant and taken for granted by now. I went to my knees at the foot of the bed, pulled off her shoes and went to work with my tongue.


“The soles first! Up and down! Oh yes! That’s good! My feet get so tired and sore in those fucking heels. Don’t stop!”


I continued, sometimes lapping in broad strokes, other times stiffening my tongue to massage in her arches and under the balls of her feet, responding to her soft moans. I had never been turned on by feet as such but got a thrill from this sweet degradation, loving the taste of leather seasoned by her salty sweat. 


“Now my toes! Suck and lick!”


I took all the toes of one foot full in my, running my tongue under them and between them encouraged by her sounds of delight, switching from one foot to the other. 


“Enough! But that felt so good. Now come up here. I want you!”


I looked up to see her with legs apart in invitation and I first put my tongue to her but she yanked me by the ears and brought my face up to hers. Unnoticed my cock had stiffened to stone and was poised at her portal but I knew I dared not enter uninvited.


“Silly! I want your cock now. Up on your knees. Lift my legs. Put my feet on your shoulders Put it in me! Now hard!”


I followed her rapid fire commands one by one and on her last one I drove deep and fell to wild thrusting.  She gave a deep moan and lapsed into pleasurable delirium, babbling words of affection one moment, profanity laced demands to fuck her harder the next. Seeing her there, grimacing, writhing, full breasts jiggling, their dark nipples drawn up hard and wrinkled drove me to frenzy.  I let go of all restraint and rutted with every ounce of strength and then she started coming, one orgasm rolling into the next as I drove my iron shaft hard over her pulsing G spot. Thrilled at giving her such delight I tapped a new reserve of strength and raised the pitch of my rutting to a crescendo. But I felt myself starting to come and clenched down to hold myself, appalled at the thought of finishing first and disappointing her. I held as long as I could but the dam burst. Just in the nick of time she gave out one last lusty howl and went limp in satiation as I collapsed on her gasping in exhaustion as my cock pulsed deep within her.


I rolled to the side, chest heaving. My hand passed across her breasts and I felt her nipples, now soft in her satisfaction. We lay side by side for awhile. I gazed on her naked loveliness, warm joy filling me. Her eyes were half closed, a soft smile of contentment on her face. A tender hand tousled my hair.


“Oh! So nice! And so much cum again! It’s oozing out of me. You’ve got some work to do down there!”


With a firm grip on my hair that brooked no resistance she pulled my head down where she wanted it while spreading her thighs and raising her knees. I saw the ragged pink gash between her hairy lips overflowing with my cream. It poured from her cavern and cascaded over her anus. 


“Keep it off the sheets!” 


I lunged in to intercept the flow with my tongue, scooping and swallowing. A few minutes more of sucking and licking sufficed but then she pressed her anus against my lips once more.


“Come on. Use that tongue! It always feels so good. Softly, slowly now but don’t stop!”


Closing my eyes, I cleared my mind and focused all on the tip of my tongue seeking spots and movements that brought those soft shudders of delight. I gave up all thought of time, just letting it pass as it would. But she didn’t give me her clitoris this time. She wanted something else. 


With a tug on my hair she urged me to lie beside her and pointed to the TV set. The movie had been running all the while. I saw a woman on hands and knees being ravaged from behind by a well hung man and giving out wild cries of animal passion.


“I want that! Now! Would you believe nobody has ever done that for me? Come on!” 


She went to hands and knees, presenting herself like a bitch in heat. I went to my knees behind her, took a grip on her swelling hips and drove deep. 


“Now hard!”


I responded instantly, thrusting with all I had, or thought I had. But there was some difference between her definition of “hard” and mine. With a curse she grabbed her whip from where it lay on the nightstand and swung it back handed, stinging me over and over. I tried harder but not hard enough. She disengaged, stood over the bed and started flogging me. I rolled about, helpless to dodge her lashing, befuddled by this sudden outburst of cruelty. I caught glimpses of her, face contorted in the rage of frustrated lust, splendid in her naked loveliness, full breasts flopping and jiggling as she rained lashes upon me.  I broke down, pleading, promising and she finally tossed the whip away and presented herself again.


“When I say hard I mean hard!” It wasn’t so much said as snarled, the sound of a randy tigress. Spurred on by mingled terror and adoration I rose to her expectations and soon the rolling orgasm began again. I dreaded the thought of coming first but I felt the tingle in my balls signaling that danger. Not knowing whether to hold back or rut all the harder I chose the latter and was rewarded as she finished with a breathy moan and collapsed forward with me following her down spurting inside her as I fell. By then I knew my next duty without needing to be told. I went down behind her to lick up her crack. She raised her hips a bit to give me access and I slurped up my leavings.


We lay side by side for awhile watching the movie. My cock had gone limp but then I felt her hand on it and somehow it stirred. Encouraged, she went down to suck me and soon had me stiff.


“You’ve still got some left in there for me I see. It’s getting late. Let’s get it out of you and get to sleep.”


I pleaded exhaustion and she climbed over to straddle me, picking up her whip. A menacing look crossed her face. But she saw the fear in my eyes and the adoration and she softened and tossed it aside.


“No. There’s a better way. Stephen, you say you love me. Don’t I turn you on? Are you saying I can’t make you come any more? Does that mean you don’t think I’m beautiful?Don’t you understand how that hurts me? You’re a treasure to me. I want prove that to you so I’m going to do something special for you. I’m a virgin too in a certain way. There’s a place in me no man has ever gone. I want to share that with you now.”


She went back to her hands and knees and put a finger on her anus.


“Lick me. Get it wet.”


I went behind her and touched my tongue to her hole, somehow summoning enough spit to wet her.


“I want you in there now, all the way. Slip your cock in my pussy first, lube it up.”


Trembling, I followed her instructions, slipping deep in her vagina, then pulling out. I looked down and saw my shaft shiny with her ooze. I pressed my glans against her portal and drove with my hips. Her hole was tight, resistant. I hesitated but she urged me on.


“Put it in there! That’s the way! Push! Ouch! Oh! It hurts! But don’t stop. I want it! Please!”


I drove forward harder and her anus gave. I felt my shaft enter a heavenly soft clutching tightness and felt the clench of her sphincter on its base.


“Now fuck me. Come on!”


I rolled my hips, pulling in and out. She clenched as I withdrew, opened herself as I thrust forward, massaging me with the tight ring of her orifice, murmuring words of love. I felt the welling up and gasped as I gave forth the last of what I had for her in two hard spurts followed by more dry spasms. I was emptied and I heard her sigh in her own fulfillment.  We collapsed together again. But she let me know my work wasn’t done.


“On your back!” I hastened to obey. She squatted over my face with her anus just above my mouth.


“Suck it out of me!” I encircled her hole with my lips and she pressed down, squirting my cream out of her rectum into my mouth. I swallowed.


 She rolled to her back, patted her lap and I laid down my head. I felt her tousling my hair with tenderness until her arm went limp and her hand fell down by her side as sleep took her. I lay for a few moments in the darkness under the covers letting her scent entrance me then drifted off.                


So the week went. It was unalloyed bliss whenever my face was buried deep between her thighs with my tongue now knowing just where to go and what to do. She kept me at it for an hour or more some times, coming repeatedly. And every time she used the bathroom she would bend over the foot of the bed and present herself so I could use my tongue to clean her. I came to know well the salt of her piss and the bitter yet rich taste of her defecation.  


 Every night was much the same yet filled with surprises. There was tender passion punctuated by her outbursts of cruelty. The whip was not spared but she was generous in giving me pleasure as well, welcoming me warmly into all her orifices. She loved to make me come so long as it was at a time and in a way of her choosing. Her appetite and capacity for orgasmic pleasure amazed me. She gave me to know this was a new thing for her and she was beside herself over the seemingly bottomless wellspring of delight that was now hers. She would rave about the joy my loving submission and strong young body gave her. I was the recipient of a couple of long and loving blow jobs as my reward. All these things conspired to make me fall ever deeper under her spell. 


Friday came, our last night in the room. I had waited for her as before and fell to my knees to serve her when she came in the door as she had come to expect. But this time she threw the door open, beaming and elated. She pushed me aside when I moved toward her and pranced around the room pumping her fist in the air. 


“I got it! I got that job! I’m going to be a superintendent! It took a whole week of schmoozing and flirting over lunch with that bastard but he finally pulled the strings for me and I’m in! The money! I can leave my husband now and still live the way I like to. And best of all we can be together. It’s in another city. You don’t need to know where but I’ll find a nice house for us and we’ll be so happy!”


Then she flopped backward on the bed and lifted her skirt. Words were not needed. I went to her but was startled to see she wore panties this time, black, brief and lacy. I hesitated.


“Just take them off! More about them later. Make me come!” 


I gave her satisfaction and the evening proceeded like the others until bedtime. I wondered what tomorrow held but didn’t dare ask.


Morning came. She had me serve her then dressed herself for traveling. She went out to the car and came back in carrying a bag that contained my clothes.

Before letting me dress she sat on the foot of the bed and had me stand in front of her. Reaching in her purse she pulled out a small brassy-looking, cage-like object.

She slipped it over my cock and balls and I heard a click. Looking down I saw my organs were imprisoned. She held a small golden key on a chain, which she slipped 

around her neck, tucking the key down in the cleft between her breasts. She fondled my caged organs.


“This is to protect what’s mine while we’re apart. I don’t want you going out. Stay out of the bars. I can’t stand the thought of another woman looking at you. If I saw that happen I just might rip her heart out with my bare hands and shove it up her cunt! It will take a month or so to put everything in order but I’ll be coming for you!”


Then she picked up the discarded panties. Pulling me down to my knees she pressed them against my nose. They were soaked with her fragrance.


“I wore these yesterday to get them ready for you. I’ve been so warm and wet down there every day thinking of you. I thought I would capture some of myself for you to keep as a reminder of who you belong to. Every night when you go to bed I want these on your head.”


She took a cell phone from her purse, one of those cheap burners.


“And I’ll be calling you often. I’ll talk smut to you like you’ve never dreamed! I want you crazy when we get back together! What a night I have planned! Now kiss me!”


 I leaned in, offering my lips and once more she ravished my mouth with that possessive ferocity.


“Now get dressed and carry my bags to the car.”


She drove away, leaving me standing there with mouth and eyes wide, my balls already aching so much the thought of a whole month without her made me fear they might burst long before I saw her again. I walked back home, fended off Dave’s questions about where I’d been and crawled into my bed, not to sleep but to hide for awhile. A couple of days passed. Obedient, I wore the panties over my head with their crotch over my nose when sleeping, or rather trying to. Her scent made me writhe in yearning and redoubled the pain in my balls but once on I couldn’t summon the will to take them off. They were all I had of Her.


In the wee hours one night the phone rang. I grabbed it, desperate to hear her voice. And she kept her promise, treating me to a stream of lewd and lurid ramblings about how her hot wet pussy was itching for me. She continued until satisfied that she had pushed me to the edge then said goodnight.


The days passed at a crawl. School was long forgotten and I mostly hung around the house or took long walks to tire myself out before the torment of the night began. And she called every once in awhile, unpredictably. I couldn’t even look at a clock or calender, not wanting to be brought to despair over the snail paced passage of time. Then one morning as I lay in bed trying to force myself to rise for the day the phone rang. I pawed for it, dropping it at first then picked up and heard her.


“I’m here! I’m parked just around the corner in a blue van. Turn right when you come out the front door. Just come to me sweet thing! You don’t need to bring anything with you!”


I ran for the door, brushing past Dave, ignoring him. Rounding the corner I saw it half way down the block, a windowless navy blue commercial type van. The side door slid open as I approached and I dived inside, surprised to find a mattress on the floor and no seats. There was a partition between the cargo bay and the driver’s seat. It was impossible to see outside.


I heard her voice from up front. “Get those clothes off and throw them out!” I stripped off my shorts, shirt and shoes and kicked them into the gutter. The door slid shut. The van accelerated and after a few turns and stops it accelerated again to a higher sustained speed and I knew we were on the freeway and going wherever we were going. I lay there still aching, my cock fully hard and straining painfully against its prison bars. I knew she was near and was beside myself but I sensed she wanted me to wait patiently for what would come so I closed my eyes and endured.


 Then the van swerved, slowed down, crept forward for while and stopped. A door opened in the partition and there she was, wearing a floral sundress that she shed as soon as she hit the mattress. Underneath she was animal naked except for the key chain around her neck. I was on my back and before I could move she was on top of me straddling my head and facing my feet. My moan of joy was muffled as the lush fragrant pussy that had come to rule my life was lowered over my face. My tongue darted out. I heard a click and my package burst free from its prison. Then she leaned forward and I felt her satin mouth engulf my manhood. The 69 was wild brief, and heavenly. We came together, each of us gushing out for each other what we had hungered and thirsted for during so many days apart. She rolled off of me and lay by my side for awhile petting my hair softly, running fingers through it.


“God we both needed that! What a load you gave me! Delicious! But time to get back on the road. Wait until you see the house I found for us!” Then one of those fierce kisses and she slipped her dress on and vanished into the cab.


Our quickie had helped ease me for awhile and it was a relief to have my organs freed. Soon the van was back on the highway and the steady drone of the wheels lulled me and I slept. I awoke when the van suddenly jerked to a stop. There was a right turn and then a few more stops, curves and turns before one final stop when I heard a garage door going up. There was a lurch forward to another stop and I heard the door closing. Then the side door slid open and I saw we were in a garage and a few feet away was the door into the house. She appeared in the van’s doorway and beckoned me. I got out and she threw her arms around me and ravished me with another of those kisses.


“Home sweet home! Wait until you see!”


She took me by the cock and led me up the few steps to the door and opened it. We entered a great room with the kitchen at one end, a dining area and beyond that leather arm chairs and sofa arranged around a field stone fireplace. 


“Isn’t it gorgeous! But I’m starved and you too no doubt. Let’s eat!” 


She sent me to the refrigerator to fetch the sandwiches and snacks, and the oysters she had waiting there while she opened two bottles of wine and sat down in a chair by the table. She had me kneel beside her, feeding me with her fingers and giving me drinks of wine. I was famished and she teased me a bit, making me beg and even do a few dog tricks. But in the end she let me eat my fill and made sure to get me tipsy with wine. 


Then she stood and motioned for me to follow her. I started to stand to walk with her but she held my head down.


“On your hands and knees Stephen. Crawl. I think I’ll prefer it that way when we’re here together, at least most of the time.”


I followed her toward the fireplace. A thick, brightly colored Persian rug lay on the floor before it.


“Lie on the rug Stephen. On your back!”  


I obeyed. A stack of firewood was ready to be lit in the fireplace. She touched a match to it and picked up a remote from the coffee table that she used to turn off all the lights in the room, leaving only the flickering flames to illuminate our place of lovemaking. She stepped across me, standing at my waist and looked down on me with hungry passion. With one motion the sundress was tossed onto a chair. I had just a moment or two to gaze upward at the naked loveliness I had come to worship before she placed a foot on each side of my head and sat down on my chest with her pussy inches from my face. The sight and scent of it made me extend my tongue and strain upward but she kept it out of my reach. The sweet smile on her face let me know how pleased she was by my craving for the taste of her.


“I know you want it sweet thing and you’ll have it soon and to your heart’s content. I want it just as bad. You have no idea how I’ve missed that loving tongue of yours. But there’s something I need to speak to you about first. This is going to be a very special night for us, maybe the most special night of our life together.”


From the coffee table in front of the couch she picked up an oblong wooden box about a foot long and six inches square, very beautiful with brass hinges and latch. She opened it and withdrew something that made my eyes go wide. I knew what strap on dildos were. I had watched some videos once in awhile in which women used them on men and with my secret inclination it had excited me. But I had never dreamed that one day I would see one in the hands of a woman who obviously planned to use it on me. And this one was big, two inches longer than my cock and bigger around as well.


“You may think I have taken your virginity from you Stephen but that’s only half true. In another more important way you are still a virgin and tonight I’m going to deflower you and make mine once and for all.”


“It’s so big! Will it hurt?”


“Oh, I rather think it will hurt a bit at first. And I think it must hurt some to make it clear to you who is in charge. I’ve never done this either, of course, but from what I gather that pain will pass and soon you’ll love it, you’ll crave it and you’ll beg me for it. I’ll make you come in a way that you will long for every day. And every day I will take you this way. My cock will rule under this roof but I’ll enjoy yours as it suits me too. But this is for later tonight. I’ll want that tongue loving first.”


She put the dildo aside and moved forward onto her knees, covering my face. I felt the dizzying inebriation brought on by her animal perfume. Her anus pressed its special kiss onto my lips and my tongue slithered out to go deep and please her. I passed into that heaven that was mine when her hairy soft wetness engulfed me. Using the skills learned under her tutelage I let her ride me, quaffing each gush of the nectar I craved as she came her way to her contentment.


When satisfied she settled herself into one of the arm chairs, placed her feet on the ottoman and had me lick them for awhile. I was trembling and she murmured tender words of love and reassurance, trying to ease my fear of what was to come while reasserting its inevitability and necessity. I let the trust born of my love for her take hold and it calmed me a bit. She sensed that and decided it was time.


“On the rug now Stephen! On your knees!”


As I knelt in the warm flickering glow of the fire I saw her pick up the dildo and step in front of me, holding it out for me to look at it more closely. It was two ended, one end a false cock with balls dangling below, surprisingly real looking. At right angles was another short shaft and a bulbous protrusion. There were only slender black straps to hold it on her.


“Isn’t it lovely! This round end goes inside me and it vibrates when I hit the switch. And it looks so real! I tried it on at the store. Now help me with the straps!”


She placed the bulb between her legs and inserted it, giving out a soft moan of anticipation. My shaking hands fumbled with the straps and I got one impatient slap on the face from her but then she helped and soon stood there before me looking for all the world like a real cock and balls had grown beneath her bush. She stood with shoulders square, hands on hips, head high, in her eyes a gleam of dominant lust. I gaped. My fear returned but with it came a yearning to submit and be taken.


“I want you to suck it first Stephen. Worship it with your mouth! I want it down your throat until your nose is in my bush. Now give me a blowjob! Make me come! You owe me that!”


Trembling again, this time in fear of failing her, I leaned forward to take the tip of it in my mouth. Then I opened wide, took it in until it touched my throat and pulled back, letting my lips caress it in adoration. She took a grip on my hair and encouraged me to continue with a few soft tugs back and forth, then seemed content to let me suck it of my own accord for awhile, enjoying my willing and eager submission. I glanced upward, caught her eye and was spurred on by the look of delight and anticipation she gave me. I closed my eyes and lost myself in this labor of love.


A soft humming and a pulsing vibration began and I knew she had touched the switch. She gasped and shuddered, beginning a thrusting of her hips, pushing the tip of her cock hard against the opening of my gullet. Fear took hold of me again. I wanted so much to do this for her, to take her full down my throat. Failing her at this special moment was unthinkable. Her prodding became insistent and her hands closed behind my head, forcing me. With a moan I did what I could to open myself but I gagged and backed away. I tried again and failed. She proved patient yet relentless, pressing hard against me over and over to let me know her wish would be fulfilled without fail. Finally I found a way to force the back of my tongue down to open myself wider and on her next thrust there was a soft popping sound and it went down. My head went forward and my nose was tickled by her bush.


“There Stephen! You did it for me! Now suck me off! Make me come. Oh god I love you!”


I drew back and leaned in again, her shaft now slipping down my throat with greater ease. Back and forth I went while she began a rhythmic thrusting of her hips, fucking me down the throat with abandon. I managed a glance upward to see her face contorted in a grimace of unalloyed bliss, eyes half closed, head lolling as if drunk. The rolling of her hips reached an urgent pitch. Her grip on my hair threatened to pull locks from my scalp. With one final driving thrust she buried my nose in her pubes and came with a wail of supernal ecstasy. Her knees buckled and I flung my arms around her to hold her up, wanting only to let her savor the moment. I was overcome with feelings of worshipful tenderness and my own special joy at having fulfilled her. 


She recovered herself and withdrew her cock. Going to her knees she held me close and bestowed a deep wet kiss.


“You’ll never know how happy you’re making me tonight! I had a whole month to dream about this but my dreams didn’t even come close. And we’re just getting started.”


She dispatched me to the kitchen to get a large flat baking pan. I returned with it, a quizzical expression on my face. She just stood there and laughed. 


“Silly! It’s time to fuck you now. I’m going to make you come and I can’t have it all over my new rug now can I? Put it on the floor and bend over it. Assume the position my love!”


With a fearful glance at the big shaft that was soon to pierce me to my depths I went to my knees and bent over the pan, forearms crossed on the floor, my head resting on them and my ass raised and presenting to her. I felt a probing in my anus and flinched, thinking it was her big cock but it was only her finger. She poked and wiggled it in and out, then added her second finger, and when my fear subsided I rocked back and forth moaning softly in pleasure. 


“See? You like it don’t you. Didn’t think you would did you? I think you’ll like my cock even better soon enough.”


She stepped forward to straddle me, flexing her knees a bit to achieve the proper height and angle. This time there was no mistake. It felt as if a log was pressed against my hole wanting to come in. Then I felt a warn trickling down my crack. She was lubing me with some oil in preparation for the deflowering thrust. There was a thud next to my head and I opened my eyes to see the discarded bottle lying nearby. And then there was a stabbing, tearing pain as she drove downward. I felt just the tip enter me and cried out for mercy. My cry was answered by a harder thrust and another wave of agony as my virgin hole was stretched to its limit. Half the shaft was in me. In response to my whimpering and pleading she brought her full weight down and the shaft pieced me to the hilt. I could feel her bush tickling my behind. I broke into sobbing, tears trickling down over my forearms..


“There darling! You have it all. I know it hurt but it had to. Now I’m going to fuck you. Please don’t cry. I know you’ll like it. Just wait and see!’


With that she dropped to her knees behind me and gripped my hips between her hands. I felt the long shaft being pulled from me until just the tip remained. Then there was another hard thrust and I was taken to my depths again. I gave out a sobbing moan but this time a glimmer of pleasure came with the pain. Another withdrawal and another deep thrust, the shaft sliding in more easily now. On her next plunge into me I found myself rocking backward to receive it and this time my moan was one of growing delight. A rhythm started between us, my rocking answering her thrusting, the motions of lovemaking. I cried out, begging her to fuck me harder, and she gave my behind a hard slap and picked up the pace. I answered her movement with my own, now loving the feel of her plunging so deep inside me over and over. There was a hot twinge in my rectum, a welling up in my balls and a stiffening of my cock. I gave out a shuddering sigh from the depths of my being, a sigh of pleasure beyond imagining and utter, helpless surrender. I heard the first spurts of my cum splattering in the pan below me but the sound was drowned out by her wail of savage and triumphant ecstasy. We turned to jelly as one and collapsed in a heap.


She lay on top of me for awhile, at first limp and languid, her cock still inside me. Then she rolled her hips a bit, prodding me deep a few times, as if to affirm her possession. Withdrawing herself she rolled onto her back and I did the same. We stared at the ceiling for awhile with no words needed. Her hand fell tender on my chest.


“Do you feel it like I do Stephen? You belong to me now. Forever.”


“Yes. I feel it all over. I don’t even know how to think of anything or anyone but you any more. That’s been true all along. I was yours the first moment our eyes met. I just tried to deny it for awhile. I can’t even remember anything before the moment I first looked into your eyes.” 


“It’s been a long day. I’m tired but I feel so good. Almost time for bed. I can’t wait to show you our room. But first I think you need to clean up my cock and that pan. My god did you shoot a load for me tonight! On your knees boy!”


She stood and I knelt before her with the tip of the cock inches from my face. There were small streaks of blood along its length. She laughed.


“Looks like I popped your cherry. Now suck it for me. Clean it!”


I opened my mouth and leaned in, shuddering a bit at first, but then the thrill I always felt from my submission to her took over. I did my duty, taking her full length down my throat easily now. When satisfied she had me lick the pan, standing over me with a foot on the back of my head guiding me with it to splatters and drops of cum I missed at first. 


When the pan was cleaned to her satisfaction she ordered me to lie on my back once more and sat on my chest again with my face near her cunt.


“Stephen there’s one more thing I need from you tonight. I’ve given you just small tastes of my piss before but now it’s time for you to learn to drink from me. I just feel a need for this to let me know you really love me. Can you do this for me Stephen? If not I’ll be so hurt and so disappointed.”


I felt a tremor of fear pass over me and I glanced timorously at her pussy. Then I looked into her eyes and the desire to please her I had felt ever since our first moment took hold and I nodded. She had me raise my head a bit and slid the pan under it.


“There. I don’t want spills on my rug. We’ll practice every day and soon I’m sure you’ll be able to manage without spilling but this will do for now. Open you mouth Stephen! Wide!”


She rose to a squat. I saw her cunt hovering above. I strained my jaw to keep my mouth wide as could be. Suddenly a golden torrent poured from the between her ragged pink labia and cascaded down, flooding me. It was salt/bitter, sharp and pungent. I gulped and opened my throat, swallowing almost all but some trickled over into the pan. And the stream continued. With each swallow my thirst for it grew. It came from Her. I glanced upward and saw the happiness in her eyes. The stream ended and she lowered herself to within reach of my tongue so I could lick and suck what remained there.


She held that position for a long moment and as I lay there it seemed her golden wine had caused a worshipful drunkenness in me and I was overcome, wanting to show her my love was without reservation. Only one thing would do. I raised my head a bit and passed my tongue softly over her anus.


“Please! From here too! I want you to know for sure how much I love you!”


I looked up into green eyes wide with joy.


“I thought tonight was already perfect. And now you beg me to let you eat my shit! You’re taking me to heaven tonight my young darling.  Now lick me for awhile. It will help me get ready.”


She lowered herself to plant her anal kiss on my lips. A soft sigh came from her as I probed deep, caressing. Crossing her arms across her knees she laid her head over them, closed her eyes and passed into the familiar rapture. I took my rimming to a new level of passion. Her anus clenched rhythmically on my slithering tongue. Then I felt it, tasted it.

She rose slightly and I could see her vortex bulging, distended, just the tip of the turd protruding. She gave a soft gasp and her hole widened suddenly. Inches of it slid forth descending toward my waiting open mouth. She pressed down and the length of it was expelled, entering my mouth down to my gullet, inches still protruding beyond my lips. I choked a bit as the warm soft mass at first overwhelmed me. Its stench was perfume to me. I closed my lips around it and swallowed again and again, taking it into me inch by inch. It was at once foul and bitter yet rich and irresistible because it came from Her. Finally the last of it went down. She had stood and watched and when it was time she lowered herself over me again and presented her hole for cleaning. I licked her spotless and she sat back down on my chest. I looked up into a face radiant in euphoria.


“You’ve made my cup run over tonight young thing. I’ve always dreamed of being loved like this but how could I ever think it would really happen?”


“I loved it. Please let me have it every day. I can’t get enough. It comes from you!”


Then she had me crawl behind her down a hallway that ended at the bedroom door. I drew in my breath and hesitated when I saw the massive four post bed with manacles attached to foot and headboards in ominous portent. 


“Don’t worry about those tonight. I’ll be using them by and by. There are some things I’ll be wanting to do to you occasionally and they’ll be needed then. But for now it’s bedtime”


I knew well what to do and settled my head in her lap and let the covers fall bringing the dark. A whiff of her scent brought sweet rapture and deep sleep.


It had been Friday when she retrieved me and brought me to the house and we had the weekend ahead before she started her new job. It was two days of naked delight. Mostly there were bouts of passion in the bedroom or before the fireplace but she made sure we gave the house its proper christening by having me give her satisfaction in every room. I came to crave her cock just as she had said I would. Sometimes she would strap it on and stand before me in her glory while I begged for it and then just laugh and take it off. But she couldn’t resist for long herself and my hole was used to her heart’s content. And my mouth was her toilet throughout.


Before bedtime on Sunday night she sat in an armchair before the fireplace and had me kneel at her feet. 


“You need to know what life will be like starting tomorrow Stephen. I’ll have chores for you to do while I’m away at work. The house is to be kept spotless. You’ll have to learn to cook. I’ll expect dinner ready when I get home very day. I know you love me and you will try your best but if things are not to my satisfaction you’ll be punished until you know how to make things perfect for me. I will not lift a finger around here.”


I leaned forward to kiss her feet then looked up into her eyes. “I promise I’ll make this house a heaven where you reign as the goddess. There will be only comfort and pleasure for you when you walk through that door after a long hard day. There won’t be a moment you won’t feel my love.”


Monday came and with it started what was to be our daily routine. I lay with me head across her lap as always. The alarm clock woke us at six. She ordered me into the bathroom to shower and shave. I returned and slipped back under the sheets from the foot of the bed and she guided me to put my face between her thighs and serve her.


“I have a drink for you first. Get your mouth over me.”


I encircled her upper cunt with my lips. She gushed a flood of her strong morning piss and I sucked and guzzled it down. There was a long oral pleasuring from top to bottom and everywhere until she came several times. Then she sat up, leaning on the headboard propped on a pillow.


 “Wonderful! I needed that. It’s going to be a long day without you. I might be able to sneak home at noon or so and if I do I’ll have a hot “box lunch” ready for you. Now I’ll take my breakfast here in bed. Two eggs over easy, bacon, toast and coffee will do for today but I’ll expect better as we go along.”


Somehow I managed to put her meal together and brought it to her on a tray which I laid across her lap. She made a few critical comments but said she would let it pass, for today. Then she had me go under the covers and lick her feet while she ate at a leisurely pace. When finished she went into the bathroom to shower while I took the dishes to the kitchen. She came out some minutes later, naked, and sat at the table. She had me get her another cup of coffee and then kneel beside her on the floor awaiting her next wish. It was not long in coming.


“Stephen! On your back and open you mouth!”


Obedience was a matter of reflex to me by then. The words had barely left her lips before I lay there on the tile floor with mouth wide.


She stood with my head between her feet looking down at me for a moment, then squatted. First I received a long drink of her piss which I accepted and swallowed while only spilling a trickle or two. Then her anal kiss touched my lips again making it clear what she wanted. I fell to work with my tongue, doing all I could to hasten the moment, wanting it too. Soon I felt the swelling of her vortex and tasted what was coming. She rose a bit and I lay there stretching my mouth wider gazing upward at her distended hole with just the tip of her turd projecting. Again I thrilled to its scent.  With a twitching spasm her anus widened and the brown log slipped out fast, filling my mouth then piling up on top of it in a heap. I gulped it down inch by inch, struggling to not spill any on the floor. I knew from the stern look I saw on her face as she stood over me, my head between her feet, she was concerned about his and would be most unhappy. With one last hard swallow I finished the last of it leaving just the last remnants on my lips which I licked off. She lowered herself to be cleaned and I worked my tongue with loving care until she was spotless.


She sat down on my chest and regarded me with warm affection. “You can’t imagine how that makes me feel Stephen, having your warm loving mouth and tongue to serve me. I swear I will never sit on a cold hard toilet and use dry scratchy paper again if I can possibly avoid it. Now it’s time to go out and face the world. But your love gives me strength.  I’m ready for anything because I know you’ll be here waiting for me.”


Then she dressed in a gray skirted business suit and left for the day, leaving a list of chores for me to do and a recipe for dinner. The day was long without her and I immersed myself in my duties to pass the time. I sported a thick throbbing erection and my balls started to ache by mid-afternoon. I started dinner about three o’clock and had to don an apron to keep from burning the tip of my cock while working around the hot stove. I prayed she would find the rib roast to her liking and the chores properly done, fearing her whip. But most of all I yearned for the sight of her naked body and the taste of her pussy.


At five o’clock I opened a bottle of wine, poured out a full glass of it and put it on the end table next to her favorite arm chair per the instructions on her list. Then I knelt before the chair awaiting her arrival. I waited long, starting to worry. It was going on six o’clock when the kitchen door burst open and she barged into the room cursing about being tied up in traffic while shedding clothes and leaving them in a trail behind her as she crossed the room. She was down to stockings and garters when she approached. First she grabbed the glass of wine and downed it in a few gulps. Then she dropped into the chair with a lusty sigh, put her ankles up on the arms of it and reached forward to grab my hair and pull my face down into her oozing pungent snatch. Beside myself, I put my tongue to its loving work and in barely a minute she convulsed in her ecstasy, let out a deep breathy grunt of satisfaction and went limp, passing from consciousness for a minute or two while I nuzzled in her bush and kissed between her thighs until she composed herself.


“God I needed that!  What a day! It’s going to be tough getting those people used to the changes I’m going to make and a few of them will get the ax tomorrow but in the end they’ll do things my way or they can hit the highway as they say. The stress was off the charts and the only thing that kept me together was knowing you were here for me and when I got home I would have this. And now I’ll need a bit more of it. Fill my glass first!”


I complied, filling it nearly to overflowing and then went down to bury my face deep in her hairy wet cleft once more, this time going down all the way to her anus, knowing she would want it.


“Slowly now Stephen. Take your time. Let me relax a bit.”


I caressed her blossom with soft lapping strokes for awhile and then probed deep but very softly and gently, wanting to give her tender soothing pleasure as she recovered from the rigors of her work day. Presently I heard her set the wine glass on the table and felt her hand grab my hair. 


“Harder now! Deeper!”


I increased the pitch of my probing and wriggling as she tugged painfully on my hair pressing my face hard into her lush wetness. She began driving thrusts of her hips, ramming her anus against my mouth in wordless demand. I reamed and slithered as never before until finally she yanked my head upward to put my tongue to her pulsing orb. A great shudder passed through her and with a primal wail she flooded my mouth with the nectar of her delight and became a pillow of sated jelly beneath my head. When her sweet stupor passed her next command came quickly.


“On your back Stephen! Open wide!”


I was on the floor in a flash and she lowered her cunt to hover just above my mouth, then poured out a golden torrent. I guzzled it down, never spilling and licked its leavings from her when the stream stopped. She stood looking down at me.


“Whew! I was so horny I forgot how bad I needed to piss. Now let’s have dinner and then it will be time for inspection.”


I put dinner on the table and served her a plate. She had me kneel by her as before and fed me with her fingers. She complained a bit about the roast, saying she liked it more rare and bloody. I knew it was a bit overcooked because she had gotten home late and horny and wanted a long oral pleasuring but I kept my peace and resolved to start dinner later to allow more time for her satisfaction in the days to come. When it was time to inspect my housework she put on white gloves and found dust in places I hadn’t even thought to attend to. There was also a smudge on the bathroom floor I had missed.


“I know it was your first day Stephen but if I let these things pass now it would send the wrong message. Please follow me to the bedroom now. And you will crawl!”


I groveled behind her, chilled with fear, having known her whip before, and wondering what punishment she might exact for my transgressions. When we entered the room she proceeded to a door in the wall that I had believed to be a closet. Instead it proved to be a rather large chamber about twenty feet square. From the ceiling at its center hung a power hoist with a pulley and hook depending from it. She ordered me to kneel beneath it.  Along one wall was an array of bondage devices and whips all hanging from pegs. She chose a pair of manacles and a set of leg irons and soon had my hands and ankles bound tight. The hoist’s switch hung from a cord. She lowered the hook to within reach and placed it over the chain between my hands. When she pushed the button I was raised until my toes just barely touched the floor. I saw her go back to the wall and select two thin horse whips about four feet long. 


“I know the punishment you are to receive may seem harsh to you Stephen but you must come understand how important certain standards are to me. If I show mercy now I would most likely just have to escalate your punishments day after day and in the end you would suffer more. If I get the message across to you now it will spare you in the long run.”


With that she gave me a spin and as I twirled around I heard the swish of her whip and felt it’s burning sting across my ass. With a whip in each hand she rained lashes on me as I turned. She wielded the whips with a practiced skill. They crisscrossed each other in a blur, forehand and backhand strokes falling on me with such speed I felt a constant searing agony, not able to tell one stroke from the next. I broke down into sobbing pleas for mercy but she just paused to give me another spin and continued. Lashes covered my body from ankles to shoulders. My cock and balls were not spared. Lashes fell on them with cruel precision as she worked her way up and down me. I caught glimpses of her face as I turned. In her eyes was an icy gleam of lustful cruelty. She paused a moment to catch her breath and fondled her pussy, scooping her hand between her thighs to wet it with her juice which she smeared on my face, filling my nostrils with the scent of her lust. Then it was another spin and lashes unabated until I broke, sobbing in despair of the agony ever ending. This sated her cruelty and she stopped and lowered me.


I felt as if clothed in burning pain. My legs gave out and I went to my back on the floor. She squatted down, placing her cunt just above my lips. Sweat from her exertions trickled down between her thighs and spilled in dribbles from the dark thicket over her dangling labia and onto my face. The scent of her sweat and her lust hung in the air. 


“Suck me now! Make me come, and fast! Persuade me that you don’t want more!”


I raised my head and clenched my lips over the folds of flesh surrounding her hot button and slipped my slithering tongue between them. She was in rare heat and at hair trigger. I worked lips and tongue upon her for just moments and she gasped then let out a deep quivering moan as a seismic climax rocked her. She fell forward, catching herself on her hands, bringing her pussy down on my mouth, filling it with the heady liquor that gushed forth. I gazed upward in adoration over her dark bush and hanging breasts as she held herself over me, head lolling drunkenly between her outstretched arms.


 After awhile her eyes opened and met mine. A warm smile crossed her face and she settled back to sit on my chest in that favorite position of hers, cunt inches from my face. My longing was written on my face and I strained upward for another taste. But she held herself just away and laughed softly, quietly reveling in her power over me.


“I trust matters will be in better order when I come home tomorrow. But you were wonderful for me as always. You gave full voice to your pain, quite a sweet serenade. I enjoyed it so much! I came so hard! Would you believe I’ve never done this before? I practiced with my whips for years on a dummy just hoping and praying one day I would get to use them on tender naked flesh. I’m afraid I’m going to be whipping you from time to time just for my pleasure even if you’ve been perfect in every way. I have certain needs Stephen. But now its time for your reward.”


She reached behind her to grasp my cock. It was sore from the lashing but still hard as hickory. Shifting backward she aligned herself with it and enveloped me in that heavenly place. Rising and falling slowly and clenching and loosening she caressed me with a maddening tenderness. Her pocket was soft and soothing on my bruised and sore cock. I tried to thrust upward and satisfy myself but she pressed her weight down on her hands and held me, wanting me to know sweet torment before letting me come. And as was inevitable I did. As her artful ministrations continued unrelenting I felt the welling up in my balls and the extra-hardening of my shaft. I erupted, waves of supernal delight coursing through me with each scalding spurt. As my cock went limp I cried out to her.


“I love you! More than ever now!


She leaned forward to take my face softly between her hands. “And I love you Stephen. Every day with you brings new pleasure and new joy. It never fails. We’re going to be so happy here together.”


She moved forward so her pussy hovered over my mouth. Gobs of my cum hung down from it. “Now clean me up and lets go to the bedroom. I want to fuck you.”


I sucked and slobbered the cum from her cunt and crawled behind her back to the bedroom. She strapped on and had her way with me on the floor, first having me give her a deep throat “blow job” then fucking me hard until we both came. Then she kept fucking me until she came repeatedly and satisfied herself. To finally empty me she put me on my back and impaled herself anally on my shaft and drew my final load of cum out of me. I sucked it from her hole and swallowed and it was bedtime.


Weeks passed, every one the same yet different. There was the daily routine. She went to work and I saw to my duties around the house. Every evening was devoted to sex, usually until midnight or so, always until she was satisfied and I was emptied. Weekends were fleshy bliss. The back yard was surrounded by tall hedges and trees, very secluded and private. She hired a gardener to do the front yard under strict orders never to go out back. She would have me do yard chores in the back yard under her supervision, standing over me naked under the sun with bullwhip in one hand, margarita in the other, often giving me sharp flicks to urge me on in my efforts or to punish some flaw in my work. Periodically she would settle into a chaise lounge, open her legs and flash her womanhood as a signal for me to fall to my knees and serve her. My thirst was quenched with long drinks of Mistress salty piss.


One evening she had me lie on the bed on m back. I saw her reach for the manacles, unused until then. I looked up at her, fear showing in my face. She spoke to me in gentle tones as she fastened me in, wrist and ankles. Then she knelt beside me on the bed.


I”m finally in the mood to use these. There are some things I want to do to you tonight, especially to your cock and balls, and I’ll need you to hold still. It’s going to hurt Stephen but as I’ve said before I have certain needs. Are you afraid?”


“Yes. But you know I love you and I want you to be happy. Please do what you want to.”


First she fondled and stroked me a bit, gently, making me squirm in longing. But then without warning, she produced a small single tail whip and gave me a sharp stroke across the balls making me gasp and moan and writhe in aching pain. She laughed and waited for the pain to subside. Her sudden transitions from tenderness to cruelty we nothing new to me but always shocking.


“I just couldn’t help it. That must have hurt! But that’s what we’re doing here tonight is it not?”


She held her right thumb and forefinger in front of my face and I saw she had filed the nails of both to sharp points. Her nails were polished blood red. She took my cock in her right hand caressing once again. Then I felt a sharp poking just below the tip of my cock.


“It’s amazing how you can find any information you want on line. I wanted to know what the most sensitive spot on you cock is and it turns out its right here. So I sharpened my nails so I could pinch it just like this!”


I felt a burning, itching sting that started out as merely unbearable and seemed to double by the second. I twisted in my bonds, crying out, pleading. But she held her grip, a gleam of delight in her eyes, a cruel grin on her face. Then she let go and I whimpered my relief. She reversed position on the bed and straddled my head, facing my feet, settling her wet pussy over my lips.


“Now it’s time for some fun. The sooner you make me come the sooner I’ll let go!”


The pain lanced through my organ again. Her clit was on my tongue and in desperation I set to work on it, amazed that such a tiny point on me could cause such agony  To my relief she was hot and ready for her climax and I only endured a minute or two before she shuddered, cried out and gushed my mouth full, her release causing her grip to fail, delivering me from my torment. But then:


“Now let’s try some alligator clips while you get busy in my asshole!”


She leaned forward a bit and I could see her brown hole inches from my face puckering in anticipation, framed by the shapely loveliness of her cheeks. A burning sting blazed down near the base of my cock and then another started farther up along my sensitive underside. Then it was another and again along my length until one more was added in just the spot where she had pinched me with her nails, the pain being twice as bad this time and escalating with lightning speed just as the others lined up along my organ. My cry of supernal torment was muffled as she settled herself down over my wide open mouth. My only hope was to do what she wanted. I rammed my tongue as deep inside her as it would go and started the motions I knew would please. Her rigorous training of me served well. My tongue labored hard but tirelessly in her hole and I knew promise of eventual relief when I heard soft moans of delight and her hips rolled in soft undulations as she passed into the bliss of my rimming. But the agony remained, growing by the moment, impossibly. I had all but lost hope of deliverance when she at last shifted her hips and pressed her hot nubbin down on my tongue. Mere seconds passed before her shudder and then her shriek of ecstasy and the filling of my mouth with her pleasure juice. She collapsed forward over me for the moment interested only in savoring, leaving the dreadful clips in place. But then she recovered herself and released me. I gasped in relief and broke into sobs.


“Don’t cry darling. You were wonderful. You always make me come so hard and I love you for it. Now I have something for you. I know you’ll like it! Now just lick my pussy for me softly and relax.”


With that she pressed her cunt gently over my face and I felt her take me in her mouth and then down her throat. In my agony, I hadn’t noticed my own desperate desire. My shaft was like iron and her oral caresses reduced me to a quivering blob of need and delight. I lost myself, letting her transport me to my destination. Then there was the hardening of the already hard and the welling up in my balls, my heavenly release imminent and inevitable. I felt the first twinge of my delight and then was taken from the brink of ecstasy to the depths of agony as she planted a wicked stroke of her whip across my balls. The shock of it tore a scream from me and I heard her cruel cackling laughter. I lay moaning as she shifted position to kneel beside me, looking down with a glow of satisfaction on her face. 


“Sorry sweetheart. But we’re doing torture tonight. What did you expect? I’m enjoying this more than I ever imagined! And you’re being wonderful for me, absolutely a joy! Now I have some candles here I’m dying to try!” She picked up two red candles from the nightstand and lit them with a butane lighter. “Red means hot. And I’ve been assured these are the hottest! Not enough to burn you sweet thing but guaranteed to hurt!”


With that she held the candles over my chest and let the wax dribble down. A trail of searing pain fell across me. I howled and writhed. She laughed, a happy glow on her face.Then she turned and straddled me once more, smothering me. The smell and taste of her inflamed me despite my pain and predicament. My tongue flickered out to caress her involuntarily until another track of burning torment made it’s way ominously over my belly and toward my precious organs. I flinched, my cry of pain muffled by her soft tissues, then continued my tongue loving. But then the scorching trickle hit my cock and dribbled on over my balls spreading to every exposed inch. My scream was stifled beneath her flesh. I squirmed and bucked in my bonds but there was no escape. 


“Make me come Stephen! One last time!”


Spurred by a hope of deliverance I used my tongue how she liked it and satisfied her. The blazing trickle ceased and I moaned in relief. I felt her gentle hands peeling the wax away from my organs. She turned to straddle me at the waist and I felt myself enter her soft soothing depths. She looked down at me beaming, love in her eyes. No matter what cruelty she might inflict on me when the mood took her she was always this way, tender and kind once satisfied, and wanting me to feel her love.


“Thank you Stephen. God it felt so good! I just need this sometimes. And every time you’re wonderful. Now lets get you emptied out. Enjoy! You’ve earned it darling!”


Then she treated me to and exquisite fucking, tormenting me with delight as she worked my pole inside that paradise between her thighs until I erupted. She moved forward so I could lick the gobs of my strength from her and then, knowing I had more left to give she fell to sucking me until hard before anally impaling herself on me and coaxing the last spurts out. After I sucked her hole clean she released me and invited me to lay my head on her hairy mount and take my rest.


Summer passed, bringing the chill of autumn. It was time to get the house and yard ready to button in for the winter. She put me to my labor in the backyard with me naked and shivering in the October chill while she wore a long, fleece lined leather coat, naked underneath it so I could slip underneath it and serve her when she pleased.


 Our life together fell into sweet routine punctuated by surprises born of her lascivious whims. There seemed no limit to her imaginative games and subtle or not so subtle torments, and no limit to her appetite for orgasm either. And no matter what I endured to satisfy her lusts in the end there was always tender pleasure bestowed on me to make me feel the depth of her love. As she promised I enjoyed all three of her heavenly orifices and always came until emptied as my reward for my loving submission. And every day I was treated to her heady golden nectar and rich feces. She became very strict in my toilet training and applied the whip hard when I spilled on the floor until I learned to take in whatever came from her no matter how much or how fast. But she never failed to express her joy that I would eat her shit to show my love for her. I suffered under her whips from time to time because she’d had a bad day at work. Usually, it was because some man had frustrated her in some way and it was my l lot to act as surrogate, letting her act out her rage on me in his stead. I lived in a state of adoration mingled with terror but every night at bedtime I laid my head across her lap and let the scent of her pussy fill my dreams and yearned for morning and the taste of her.  


Winter’s cold set in and we huddled in. Taking advantage of her position she “worked from home” more often giving us more time together. She kept me naked but for herself took to wearing a long fur robe about the house but she was always naked underneath it. I spent many an hour on my knees before her favorite chair covered beneath that robe as I loved her tenderly between her thighs with my tongue as she enjoyed a book or movie. She would have me make her come occasionally then settle down and relax again. And often she would open her robe wide, exposing her loveliness, then wrestle me onto my back on the floor covering both of us with its warmth. She would envelop my shaft in the soft depths of her vagina or rectum and smother me with a long deep wet kiss, massaging my organ with her orifice until we came as one. As time went by I became so attuned to her wishes and desires that verbal commands were usually not needed for her to communicate them. A simple gesture or merely a subtle cue by way of posture sufficed to let me know how I should serve her.


The winter seemed to pass in a flash, unlike most, because of the pleasures we shared day after day. April was a blur and most of May. One day late in that month she stayed home from work. I attended to my chores while she sat in her favorite chair engrossed in a book or watching TV for most of the day. After the evening meal she went into the bedroom for a moment and emerged wearing a small black dress, a very familiar and memorable one, and stockings and heels. She carried a shopping bag in her hand and settled into her chair again, beckoning me to come and kneel at her feet.


“I should whip you for forgetting our anniversary. But I’ll forgive you because you’ve given me the happiest year of my life. I want to re-live it tonight Stephen. I want to recapture that moment when you surrendered to me. We can do it in the spare bedroom. Put these on while I go in there and wait for you.”


She dumped the contents of the bag on the floor, shorts, sandals and cut off jeans just like those I had worn that day. Before I could look up she had vanished into the spare bedroom, leaving the door slightly ajar just as it had been in the hotel. My hands shook as I dressed. The memory of that night seemed as fresh as yesterday. My heart pounded and I felt a dizzy thrill as I approached the door and knocked. She invited me inside and I recited my lines and she hers as if it was a well-rehearsed play. I put on my best act, once again the brash and impudent youth, a young beast to be tamed by her. Then I found myself pinned to the bed by her spike heel and felt her whip as if for the first time. I felt transported back to that long ago night both knowing and not knowing what was to come. In a flashback, I was on my knees and she was lifting her skirt to give me my first look at the pussy whose pleasure had become the sole purpose of my life. Memory faded away and I was dizzied by the scent and taste of her as if both were new. The sweet moment of my surrender was relived and she writhed and bucked her way through an exquisite orgasm that left her unconscious. I laid my head across her mount awaiting. She recovered herself, sat up and gently pushed me away.


“Come back to the living room with me Stephen.”


I followed her on hands and knees back to her chair and knelt again at her feet. She reached behind the end table and brought out two gift wrapped packages.


“I bought two gifts today Stephen, one from me to you and the other from you to me. I’ll open mine first.”


She set aside one package, the smaller one, a flat box about eight inches square and began opening the other, this one oblong about six inches square by a foot. She took out what was inside and held it in front of my face with a lustful grin.


“Oh Stephen! A bigger cock for me! How lovely! I thought you were getting a bit loose and stretched out. It will probably hurt again when I use it but won’t that be fun?”


It was indeed bigger, significantly so, and I felt fear and longing at once knowing it would be used on me that very night and probably soon. Then she handed me the smaller box to open. My fingers trembled but I managed to rip the paper and ribbon off and opened the box. In it was a golden ring, a collar actually with a small padlock. With shaking hands I held it, turning it, examining it. Engraved on a small plaque on its front were two words: Slave Stephen. 


“Slave.” I heard her say. “It’s such a beautiful word when I look at you and say it. Funny how it’s never come up before even though it’s been obvious all along. You are my slave and I love you for it. That’s what I will call you from now on. Now let’s see how that looks on you.”


I handed her the collar and she placed it around my neck. I heard the lock click shut with a finality that thrilled me. I was her slave now, her property and I felt it as never before. I looked up to see her beaming.


“You feel it Stephen and so do I. It’s just a little golden ring but it makes everything complete. You can’t imagine how good it feels to know I own you. And I will have a new name too from now on. To you, I will be Mistress.


With that I felt a sense of destiny fulfilled and unbidden I went down to kiss her feet. She had me remove her shoes and stockings and propped her feet on the ottoman so I could lick them while she basked in her pride of ownership and possession. We each in our way lost ourselves in anticipation of the years that lay ahead, Mistress and Slave, our world in perfect and proper order and above all two people lost in the depths of everlasting and all fulfilling love.


Enthralled and Enslaved story by Steve Rulesh

Enthralled and Enslaved
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