Extreme CBT Needle

Extreme CBT needle is the part of a brutal cock torture experiment. Sexy and cruel Huntress is in charge of it and a CBT slave. He is tied to a special chair that is letting her have the best access to his cock. With his hands tied and legs in the air, the slave’s dick is in the perfect position for extreme CBT needle experiments. Basically, kinky dominatrix wants to know how deep is the hole on the slave’s dick. There is a very simple and precise way to determine that. Properly equipped with a femdom CBT rod, the goddess has a perfect tool at her disposal. Chrome metal rod is made for this purpose. And the best part is the length of it. It is much longer than any cock so there is no fear that it won’t be enough to measure the depth.

But before dominatrix starts pushing it inside slave’s dick, BDSM sub will get a handjob. Of course, the purpose is not to please him or let him cum (seriously, anyone thought that?). Before metal rod inserted inside, the dick must be firm and in full size. The best way to get it there is to give a handjob to a slave. With latex gloves on, experienced dominatrix started stroking it. To improve the erection, Mistress placed a finger inside slave’s ass. The slave immediately reacted. She can feel it while firmly holding the cock in her hand. So she fingered his ass for a while, to make all that semen circulate better. Once Domme decides that slave is ready, it is finally time for extreme CBT that won’t be so pleasant as stroking he just got. Even with a mask over his face, one look at the cock torture photos below will show the fear in his eyes. And a Mistress loves it!

Extreme CBT needle

Extreme CBT needle brutal cock tortureSexy Huntress storking dickrod in the cock

Extreme CBT Needle
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