Facesitting Humiliation Video

Facesitting Humiliation always comes handy for a fast slave abusing. You know, there are times when Mistress didn’t plan to do anything but she suddenly feels the urge to do it. At those moments, usually, there are no tools available. So she has to find a way to do it. But every serious dominatrix knows that her body is the ultimate femdom humiliation tool. Especially some parts like the feet or a butt. In the facesitting humiliation video below, you are about to see how a young British Domme, young Goddess Zoe is solving the described situation. 

After already placing older guy under her control and spitting inside his mouth, kinky young Goddess ordered him to take a special position. She wants to please herself and that means that everything has to be perfect, together with the slave’s height. Being a composed, self-assured, dominant female is as natural to Miss Zoe as drinking water or breathing air. There’s no point trying to escape or forget about her once slave has been captured. How can you rid yourself of something that is ingrained into his psyche? Especially when she looks so hot and sexy in black nylon stockings and pink panties. When a Mistress started smothering this old guy (oh Lord, I love that fantastic combination when girls are humiliating older guys) she decided that he doesn’t deserve to feel her skin on his face. This means she wants to take off her sexy panties. Of course, this is not stopping her to massage her clit through it.

While she sits firmly over his face and instructs him to inhale her sweet scent of sex, slaves is practically paralyzed under her ass. That’s good because being still will help A Mistress to cum faster and she is definitely going into that direction!

Facesitting Humiliation video:


Facesitting Humiliation Video
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