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FACESITTING SITES – TOP 10: Probably every man has a fetish for a female butt. Let’s be honest here and talk without a fake modesty. Male obsession with a female butt exists from the moment of their creation. Never believe a man saying that he is not noticing a female ASS or that it is not important to him. We all know they are lying.

Anyway, the different things turn different men on. Some people love them big and black, some love muscular and white and some people have a fetish for a specific shape of it.  Anyway, after being just a fan of a female butt there is one more level of fetishism to be reached. I am talking about facesitting and ass worship. In the world of female domination, it is considered a special method of slave humiliation. Except for being forced to show the devotion to this part of a female body, slaves are often tortured through pressure and smothering. Femdom facesitting is a very effective method that many goddesses are often using to put men in the proper place. 

Femdom Destiny did an analysis and examined the face sitting fetish with an empirical approach. This means that a list of the best facesitting sites you are about to see is based on the precise numbers. We took all important factors into the consideration (content quality, the number of searches, update frequency, the amount of content, etc) before making a list of the best facesitting fetish sites. It is important to mention that sometimes the borderlines between the sites are blurred and they depend on the personal taste but we think that the great job is done here and the results you are seeing are very precise. Before you proceed with this top list, be free to leave comments at the bottom of the page. We love to hear and publish opinions coming from the sincere facesitting fetish lovers. 

Top 10 Facesitting sites:


facesitting sitesAs the name of the website says for itself, Facesitting Girls is completely dedicated to the girls and slaves under their sexy asses. This site is the ultimate place for all facesitting fetish lovers. This means that there is an incredible number of 238 dominant girls and a huge archive of 465 exclusive videos and around 36 000 photos. The best part is that 99% of them are about facesitting so nothing else will stand on your way to satisfy a craving for some great facesitting. All females are normal looking girls you are seeing every day on the streets. That is the actually the next best thing on this site. And the first one is a fact that this site is updated every week with fresh high-quality facesitting photos. 

Do not expect to find professional models or famous Mistresses. But you should expect all kinds of asses there. Facesitting is done in different clothes like thongs, fishnets, pants, pantyhose, stockings, skirts, leggings,  panties, shorts, military pants and sometimes girls are totally naked and nothing is standing between a slave and a butt. 

There is also a German version of the site so people speaking this language will be delighted with this opportunity. Femdom Destiny is constantly publishing some of the best photos from the Facesitting Girls. You can find a small reminder on this ass domination page.

Facesitting Girls sample photos:



brutal facesittingEvery person has his own preference and a twist for a favorite fetish and that is totally ok. Brutal Facesitting is targeting those people who have a fetish for sexy Russian girls. I would say that basically there is no competition in this field since this is the only facesitting and ass domination websites where only hot Russian bitches are featured. All that special kind of eastern beauty is really something special. With over 250 exclusive videos, you will find some of the Dommes get completely naked, while others keep their tops or skirts on and remove their panties just before planting their pussies over the mouths of the slaves. Others get a bit more hardcore with their subs and whip them, tie them up or trample their cocks. This means that except the exclusive facesitting stuff, you will see some more brutal action, just like the name of the site says.

Brutal Facesitting is, just as the first ranked site, totally dedicated to this fetish. The difference is that here you will find more violent and hardcore stuff and many people love it to experience it like this. There are some more sites having a similar approach and they are ranked lower considering that these are not sites offering only facesitting stuff.


Brutal Facesitting samples:



Deviant DavidThe best thing with sites top lists is that you will get a chance to learn a lot about similar facesitting sites in one place. Most of the people are not aware that facesitting fetish is not simple at all. There are so many different variations and twists and luckily, sites like Deviant David are covering them properly.

The site is actually the name of a guy that is used as an object of ass domination. Obviously, someone has to be pretty deviant to handle all that asses for so many years. Deviant David is suffering under the female asses since 2006! That is a lot of time and experience. But the best part is about to come, at least for all of you people into the black girl fetish.

David’s field of expertise is black asses and ebony Goddesses. This is exactly what you will find there. Most of the dominant girls are divine black bitches. That also means that you will find some big asses, bigger than on other facesitting sites. I am sure that many of you will love this. Inside member zone of this site, there’s plenty of ass licking and foot worship too. There’s even some cock-and-ball torture as a chick smacks his dick around and digs her nails into it while he gasps for air underneath her ass. Besides great approach to facesitting, this site is a great choice for people into interracial female domination.

Deviant David photo samples:



schoolgirl pinsSchoolgirl Pins has a different approach to a facesitting than you are probably expecting. This site is based on exclusive photos and videos of young girls defeating male slaves. As a member of Schoolgirl Pins, you will become a part of their kinky game – get pinned, enslaved, abused and dominated. Let them defeat and you between their sexy legs.

The site is full of a high-quality HD stuff. Even if some of the guys try to resist, be sure that girls are always victorious. Basically, it is useless to resist and these guys learn that after some time. At that point, their behavior is controlled with a breath control. A very effective and useful method. 

As you can see from the sample photos below, all girls are very young and there is a big variety of models. Blondes, redheads, brunettes, skinny, busty…you name it. The important thing to know is that this is a German website but there is still an English version available so don’t worry. 

Schoolgirl Pins sample photos:



mean amazon bitchesThis site has a focus (except on facesitting, of course) on a busty woman fetish. Most of the girls are sexy and with big boobs and asses. You should expect to see experienced porn stars in the role of female domination. Sometimes, they force slaves to suck their feet but it always ends with some serious smothering and ass domination. Depending on the Mistresse’s mood, sometimes they give them a blowjob or a handjob.

This is one more of the sites that are old over a decade and that promises an interesting content archive that is getting better with every update. Actually, it is crazy how they made to keep their updates fresh and not boring for all these years. Their specialty is long femdom facesitting sessions so most of the videos there are over 25 minutes long. You will probably notice that site has a similar design like the Deviant David that is ranked with #3. This is because the same people are behind both sites. 

Mean Amazon Bitches photos from the member zone:



beneath herWith average 15 minutes long facesitting clips, Beneath Her is offering a variety of ass smothering and ass domination videos and photos. This is one of those facesitting sites not dedicated to a micro niche like the first 4 sites in this list but it has to offer something more in return.

When you join to Beneath Her, you will also get access to 25 fetish sites. It would take too much space here to count them all so we will leave that to you to explore. 

If someone asked to describe this site in short, I would say that besides facesitting, Beneath Her is the great collection of smothering and breath control stuff. You will find things like ass and pussy smothering, tits smothering, hands over mouth, foot smothering and sometimes even a double face sitting. Content is a little bit older than on other facesitting sites here but there is still plenty of great things to explore.

Beneath Her femdom photos:



There is a big chance that you already checked Femdom Empire when reading best femdom websites list and there is a good reason why it placed here, on the 7th place. Even if it does not suppose to be one of the facesitting sites, the amount of face sitting content is good enough and even bigger than some of the sites dedicated only to it. There are over 112 high-quality videos in a facesitting section of this website.

Femdom Empire is filled with most beautiful professional models and they are handling they slaves really good. The advantage of this site is that as a member you will get access to over 2420 exclusive female domination videos and that is some serious collection. Most of the fetishist have multiple favorite fetishes and you will probably find them all on this site. 

Femdom Empire photo samples:



mistress katjaMistress Katja is the personal homepage of a young and sexy Russian dominatrix. It would be unfair to describe her as a dominant blonde because she is often changing a haircut and a color of the hair. But yes, on most of them she is a genuine blonde.

Her area of expertise is humiliation, foot worship, trampling and of course, facesitting. Basically, 90% of the humiliation sessions you can see on her website, contains some form of facesitting and smothering. 

This is a genuine amateur style website and people are sick of professional models are going to enjoy her domination style. Be warned, there is no brutal stuff like on other sites here and you should not expect that. This is more like the real lifestyle from a perspective of a normal girl that is discovering her dominant side. You will notice that Mistress Katja is often wearing jeans so the jeans fetishist are welcomed inside. 

Mistress Katja photo samples:



club stilettoClub Stiletto is one more website that is not exclusively dedicated to facesitting. Considering that this is the oldest website on facesitting sites list (since 1997), this means that there is a solid archive of genuine face sitting stuff inside. This is the reason why it is placed here with other facesitting sites. Besides the amount of available content, the quality of those videos and photos is simply great. Believe it or not, there are over 576 facesitting updates on this huge site. They are constantly updating so you will probably find even more.

The Head Mistress here is Miss Kandy but she is not alone in her female domination endeavors. There are other beautiful and dominant ladies like Mistress T or a busty femdom Goddess Samantha that are equally good in using their asses as the tool for a male humiliation. To put it simply, this would probably be the first on the list of facesitting sites here and the only reason why it is not is that it is not exclusively dedicated to face sitting fetish. 

Club  Stiletto photos: 



jeans sittingAfter spending enough time in analyzing facesitting sites, it is obvious that some things are closely related to the subject. One of those is a jeans fetish. What do you say about the site dedicated to the fatal combination of erotic facesitting in jeans? 

This exactly what you are going to get and see on Jean Sitting. The best part is that this is not a small site at all. Usually, micro niche sites are small by nature. Here, you will find over 343 videos, 26K photos and an incredible amount of 244 sexy facesitting girls. All of them are wearing some jeans while they are smothering slaves with their sexy asses. This means shorts, white jeans, blue jeans, tight jeans or some other color. Anyway, there is no alternative to this website if you are into the face sitting and hot girls in jeans.

Jeans Sitting photo samples:




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