Feet Licking

Feet licking at home. Is there anything better for a girl to relax and satisfy her natural urge for the humiliation of men? Let’s find out in today’s Femdom Destiny foot domination update with gorgeous and sexy amateur domme, Miss Lynn.

The first thing that you will notice on the feet licking photo gallery below is that scene is simple but also effective at the same time. Miss Lynn is hot as hell, and she knows how to use that to make men be on their knees. Personally, I like this amateur female domination style at home. While she is sitting and looking at her phone, the pathetic male sub is trying to get her attention. Stupid and naive, he thinks that he will get Mistress’s attention if he is good enough in feet licking. On some of the foot worship photos here, you can clearly see that mistress’s feet are wet from his saliva. He is trying hard to please her and make her give him at least some sign that he is doing this good. But merciless and cold, she simply doesn’t give a fuck about his effort.

This is how she is demonstrating her power over the slave and making him feels stupid at the same time. There is one more detail that is definitely helpful. Just look at her tight green dress. Apparently, Miss Lynn is not wearing the bra, and you can see her nipples under the dress. Just imagine how that looks from the close and how the slave is horny while he is looking at them.

Anyway, when you take all this into consideration, you will see why this scene is so good. Fantastic feeling of domestic femdom and foot worship made this scene one of my favorite in the footdom category. Until now, we didn’t have a chance to see much of Miss Lynn. If you are aware of some more resources where we can see this beauty, please leave the comment below.

Feet licking pictures:


Feet Licking
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