Fem Dom Face Slapping

Fem dom face slapping is a practice often used by dominant ladies. It is one of the first things for young girls just discovering the importance of female domination. There are various opinions why a single face slap can be so devastating for men even if it seems like something easy compared to other forms of cruel punishments.

Today’s slapping female domination gallery will show you the importance of this femdom method and will encourage women to try it as their first step into a femdom relationship with their men. 

Fem Dom Face Slapping

First, the names of sexy femdom ladies. Jessica Ryan, Amanda Tate, and Krissy Lynn. Brat and spoiled, it is easy for girls to become nervous, basically not knowing what they exactly want when they have everything they need. Being young and sexy, getting all that attention from horny can be frustrating.

And when a woman is frustrated, she needs to make herself feel better. Is there a better way than to physically and mentally abuse a helpless guy? Believe me, there isn’t. Some, less experienced girls believe that good hardcore sex is a solution. But once they finally try beauties of femdom, everything will seem less important. But let’s get back to the scene. 

amateur female domination

Mad and bored, one of the girls proposed to bring one of the guys being in love with her. We all know that story, there is always a guy or even guys for every hot and self-confident woman out there. Simply, it is the natural order of things. Those are pathetic human beings, always ready to react and try to please. 

Smart women will always keep them close but without giving what they really want. Experienced girls know how to use them and make life easier. Luckily, one of these three ladies called her “fan” to come by. It didn’t take long before he is teased and placed on his knees. 

domestic femdom

Blonde Domme raised the slave’s head and explained that from now on, his life is about to be changed. It is a new chapter and a special kind of treatment he is about to get. Naive and still horny, waiting naked in front of three hot women, he still thinks that this is his lucky day.

How stupid is that? Just one look at faces of these kinky ladies will tell to anyone they are not someone you want to fuck around. I can just imagine how cruel they would look if properly dressed in uniforms, leather, boots or catsuits. hot femdom girls

Anyway, it won’t take long before the slave is transported back to reality from his fetish fantasy world. Hard face hit and this solo male is back. While sexy femdom brunette Goddess Krissy Lynn is unleashing all of her anger, the young goddess is keeping the slave’s head by pulling his hair.

We all know how painful is to be dragged by hair. This is exactly what She is doing to put slave’s ugly face in the best possible position of an incoming femdom face slapping salva of blows!

brutal slapping domination

The main problem filthy pig is facing is that once one Mistress ends her hard faceslap session, the next one is already there, continuing where the previous one stopped. This means that sub is submitted to ongoing mistress face slapping without any sign when it could be finished. All he can feel at this moment is how each woman slaps as hard as they can. 

At some point, he almost fainted from all that continuous sexy princess face slapping domination but it seems no one really gives a flying fuck for that. I have a feeling girls would continue with cruel slapping and dominating even if he is unconscious on the floor.

Fem Dom Face Slapping

Why male slapping punishment is so popular?

In many cultures around the globe, this is one of the first punishments kids will experience in their life. This means that when an adult is hurt this way, the brain will automatically remind him how vulnerable he was at the time of a first slap. The natural human reaction is not to try to defend in the same way you didn’t in your childhood because of being confused with such a course of action and being faced with someone stronger and bigger than you.

It is a humiliating experience and even one slap can leave deep psychological marks on weak people. Something serious kinky Mistresses are always counting on when hitting a sub. 

Besides mentioned, there are some more advantages of slapping humiliation. It is fast, reliable, always available, humiliating and sometimes even noisy, depending on Mistress’s skills. Dominant woman in charge doesn’t need any kind of tool to perform it. It is a huge advantage compare to most of the other types of femdom fetishes and torture methods.  

Are there some more good Dominatrix slapping examples?

Yes, there are many ass slapping or face slapping femdom torture updates here on my site. It will take some research to find all scenes featuring harsh slapping domination. To get things going, I am about to show you one of the hottest recommended domestic femdom videos. Check out fierce German faceslapping footage featuring two mad Dommes abusing one submissive guy.

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How effective is slapping domination?

Considering that an extended period of face hitting can make serious brain injuries, I would say that this approach to femdom should be used more often. Hitting someone in the face or a head is always a serious attack and there is a good reason for that. 

Prolonged duration of best femdom face slapping practice will make similar effects as brutal and merciless face trampling. This is very close to something we all consider serious BDSM torture corporal punishment so next time when you see a woman slapping someone, try to remember everything mentioned in this article and remember about the complexity of fem dom face slapping practice.

Fem Dom Face Slapping
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