Female Ass Worship

Female ass worship is a secret fantasy for probably every single man in the world. Some won’t admit it, but that won’t change the reality. There are no normal straight men that will refuse to be in the proximity of a sexy female butt. Even so, there is still the majority of the people that were never in the situation to go further than this. I am talking about female ass domination. Not just kissing, drooling, flattering or whatever that pathetic men are doing. I am talking about real femdom ass worship. 

Real means that there is a Dominatrix with a perfect ass, and a slave that is forced to be humiliated through ass worshipping techniques. Even if this is one of the basic female domination methods and principles, it takes some experience to properly do it. It is not just about putting the ass in the air and telling a slave to lick it.

On the contrary, a good female ass worship session consists of teasing, verbal humiliation and sometimes even a small penis humiliation by a hot sexy Mistresses. Actually, this is exactly what you are about to see in the femdom ass licking video clip below.

Female ass worship video


So what is going on and who is this beautiful Asian Goddess in sexy lingerie, stockings, and tight thongs? This is a beautiful petite femdom Domina Miss Xi. Lucid and inventive, she placed a mirror inside her bedroom. It is positioned in such a provocative way that as a submissive slave, you will get to see her twice. She runs her hands over her silky legs and up to her butt and tells a slave how smooth and tender her skin is. A top rated seduction.  As a female boss, Mistress is telling that knows how desperately slave wants to stick his nose between her ass cheeks. 

At some point, Goddess signals her small dicked sub to crawl over to her.  “I believe you wish you were this fucker?” she says as she orders the lowly creature to kiss her sweet butt cheeks.  “I know you’re envious stuck on the wrong side of the screen” she adds as she turns her attention to her desperate prostitute slobbering all over her big ass. Dominatrix orders slave to sniff asshole and moves back and forth gently slamming his ugly face with it. Clearly, this is a well planned and organized video session. No doubt about that.

“Explain to our viewer how much you love my dominant butt,” she tells him and he obediently babbles on about how astonishing it is although you can’t really make out a precise word as she is brutally pushing his face deep into her crack.  Femdom Goddess really enjoys making him sound like a total twit and humiliating him in every way possible, ultimately ending up with his super tiny penis and how inadequate it is.

After a while of this humiliating practice of worship ass licking, Mistress Xi calls him up onto the bed so she can sit on his face. Is there anything better than a violent femdom facesitting. She sits in reverse position and holds her legs raised in the air so his face is absolutely pressed by the full force of her ass cheeks.  Beautiful ass Domina then gives some solid tips to being a human chair before shifting up a bit on the slaves face so all the air is cut off. 

Ass soon as that is done, kinky Goddess tells him to start jerking off his cock to see if he can get it big enough to actually see.  “I’m sure as hell never tasting that thing,” Mistress says, “So you’d better get used to doing it yourself.”  As mentioned, in the beginning, she is using SPH fetish elements to additionally humiliate him.  While sitting full weight on his face she continues to mock him about his tiny genitals.  Dominatrix moves into a forward position and he soon starts to thrash for air while continuing to flail away at his pinky sized wiener. 

Female Ass Worship
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