Female Dominance Party

Female dominance is a broad term and, believe it or not, there are still people out there asking what is that. Crazy, especially from a perspective of a femdom fetish lover. This femdom party photo gallery is dedicated to all those guys still learning about female domination. I will try to explain what is female dominance if that is possible to be done properly in one text. 

Considering that you are reading this text, there is big chance that you are not familiar with The English Mansion. If so, read more about this sanctuary of femdom. I deeply suggest checking that article since you will get a bigger and sharper picture of female domination. Anyway, the basic idea behind female dominance is sexual in nature. The goal is to prove that females have supremacy over another sex. This is accomplished through various methods. It is up to the dominant female (called a Mistress) to decide which one she is going to use. Some girls are feeling more comfortable with tools like strapon dildos or even more brutal, femdom balls elastrators . Still, some Mistresses enjoy teasing and verbally humiliating men (this also includes a financial domination and extortion). Every method deserves a separate explanation considering that each one of them has its own techniques and terminology.

Because of mentioned complexity, It is really hard to explain everything in a short time period. But, I ‘ve found some great photos that are pretty good in explaining the nature of female dominance. On the photos below, you will see world famous goddesses Mistress Evilyn and Ezada Sinn enjoying a party in Dungeon Manor. Mistresses Sidonia, Mistress Nikki, and Lady Nina Birch are welcomed in and are soon celebrating around the dining table, with 6 slaves in attendance to their every need, though it is not long before they are being tested, teased and punished by theses expert Dominas! Before long, slaves are worshipping feet, serving food and drinks, being spanked, used and humiliated, so much action, laughter and fun for the dominant women. 

With experienced dommes, most of the important femdom fetishes are covered during one simple dinner party. But as you would expect from these divine bitches, they are hard to please and satisfy. Because of that, they decided to improve the night with the most humiliating part that you can see in the last photo below. Once they finished the dinner, they all stood up and forced slaves to suck each other cocks. Yes, forced bisex humiliation is also considered as a crucial part of a good femdom session like this one. 

Also, some more additional info about the concept of female dominance, you can find in this Wikipedia article together with some more opinions and links.

Female dominance party:

Mistress Ezada

shoes licking

femdom smothering

bisexual femdom

Female Dominance Party
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