Female Domination Smothering

Female domination smothering is one of the femdom torture methods that should be categorized as erotic BDSM asphyxiation. For those not familiar with this practice, this is a short explanation.

Sexual asphyxiation is a deliberate limitation of air to the brain with a purpose of sexual arousal. Even if can sound strange to many people, try to ask yourself why it would be different than enjoying big strapon dicks inside slave’s ass or other dangerous stuff like painful femdom genitals torture. It is a matter of taste really and you need to try it before judging or deciding is it for you.

When it comes to femdom, the difference is in fact that breath control is conducted by a Mistress or like in today’s update, by two Mistresses. The second one is a pretty scary scenario, at least for a male slave. Being under the absolute control of someone having so much anger toward your sex is a very fucked up situation. Woman smothering scenes maybe don’t look painful like other types of fem dom torture (for example like harsh slave whipping punishment) but from the perspective of a slave, it can be much worse than having to deal with severe pain. Just the idea that someone is controlling your vital life function is something really special.

Female Domination Smothering

sexy femdom blondes

This is one of those domination scenes that you know it will be fucked up even before it begins. The cruel expression on the face of two blonde femdom sisters will tell you about the extreme level of misandry this poor guy is facing.

Knowing what is about to happen would scare even the most experienced female domination xxx slaves. The last time we had a chance to see forced femdom choking was in one of the women facesitting scenes where dominant MILF is smothering guy buried under her sexy ass in see-through tights. And that was nothing compared to fear and panic this slave will be subjected. You know, when in facesitting session and someone is sitting on your face, there is always a way to get some air. Even if a dominatrix farts directly in slave’s nose, there is still enough oxygen necessary to stay conciseness. 

I am not saying that it is a pleasure for a smothered slave, just trying to prove my point and explain the seriousness of this type smothering home porn.

female domination smothering

Once dominant girls pinned slave down, they couldn’t wait to start smothering him. Is there anything better to watch than two women sharing submissive fetish xxx servant? But it didn’t take long before this guy started losing awareness. It seems they were too violent with smothering man action.

Sleeping or even dead slave is useless to them so kinky girls decided to let him breathe for a while and regain his strength. Not much, maximum duration 5 min of recovery before beautiful woman smothering is resumed. If someone asked me, I would never give him so much time. Maybe these cruel sweethearts in female domination and men humiliation craving have better assessment considering they can hear him breathe and feel slave’s pulse. 

brat blonde sisters

After they assessed that it was enough of a resting, a cruel game intended for adults only is resumed. I had a chance to watch various female domination scenes and xxx videos and I can say that this is one of the most fucked up in the category of domestic amateur femdom torture

Anyway, female domination smothering by fine women that love to scare the shit out of passive men is a great practice that will learn even the cockiest guy how fragile he actually is. Before you decide to propose something like this to your Dominatrix, you should know that passing out is part of the whole female domination smothering experience and that is welcomed. So don’t panic and try to let it go. I know it is hard and natural instinct for survival will immediately kick in so the most useful advice would be to always try it with a strong and muscular femdom Goddes.

erotic asphyxiation

Female Domination Smothering
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