Female Domination Worship

Female domination worship is a pretty broad term and there are different types of femdom scenarios that could be described as it. Basically, worshipping and adoring just one part of the female body is considered female domination worship. When I think better, body parts aren’t the only object of erotic female domination. Sometimes, parts of the clothes can be an object of sexual worship. For example, leather boots worship is one of the most popular fetishes of this kind while just next to it is a fetish for nylon stockings worship.

Female Domination Worship

Anyway, I was looking for a suitable and relevant xxx example of a good dominant woman femdom worshipping. Something wherein one session, different forms of worship humiliation are featured. 

So what you are looking at is kind of an amateur female supremacy session considering everything is done in some kind of a bedroom. Still, that won’t stop this beautiful and handsome dominant woman to get what she wants. So the first task for naked slave kneeling in front of sexy Goddess is to show devotion to her sexy high heel shoes. Soles licking, heels sucking, shoe worship and stuff like that. 

slave licking shoe soles

But what impressed me is a great idea that you will easily notice if you take a better look and stop staring at Domme’s perfectly shaped body. Foot domination slave is actually tied with a leather belt around his neck. This way, kinky Goddess ensured that he will stay in the best possible position for proper body worship she is looking for. 

Once dirty soles are cleaned with slave’s tongue, it is time for some forced femdom shoes sniffing. Mistress wants to be sure that slave will recognize the scent of her feet between all other smells he can face which seems like good way to go. 

stinky shoes sniffing

Now, the logical step when female dominates male is to slowly go forward to the genitals area. Experienced Domme knows that candy always comes at the end so before she gives him a privilege of worship pussy licking, her magnificent ass has to be served first.

Yeah, it is a thin line between ass and pussy once your tongue is already in that area but Goddess is strict, she wants her butt kissed and praised before granting access to her divine vagina. She didn’t miss the chance to remind a slave that pussy worship is one of the greatest honors miserable male slave get in his lifetime.

Female Domination Worship

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Dominatrix pussy worship

Female Domination Worship
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