Female Domination Wrestling

Female domination wrestling is rarely seen as a form of power exchange and male disciplining, at least here on Femdom Destiny. I will try to fix that in the future after finding out how many people are into mixed wrestling and domination wrestling fetish. Honestly, I wasn’t aware of it probably because being into more extreme forms of femdom many years. Shame on me will try to fix that now with a series of wrestling domination.

So, I wanted to find some really good wrestling femdom gallery to get things going. Interestingly, I’ve discovered that most of the top rated female supremacy websites are simply not offering any kind of wrestling porn. Similar happened with every entry on the best dominatrix websites list. If there is some female wrestling action, it is sporadic and hard to notice between all those femdom domination videos and photos.

At some point, I’ve accidentally checked Clubdom archive and totally unexpectedly, found one of the best female domination wrestling scenes I’ve ever seen. Strange, considering that this website is mostly dedicated to other types of femdom torture and male punishment like brutal strapon anal domination, ball busting, cock and balls torture or merciless femdom whipping. Frankly, I wasn’t going deeper through related categories because I was impatient to publish this so here it is.

Female Domination Wrestling match

girls beating femdom slave

Names of the Goddesses you are looking at are Femdom Mistress Anna Lee and Dominatrix Megan Jones. Until this moment, we got used to seeing them dressed in regular Domme outfits like leather boots, PVC costumes, high heels, and tight catsuits. It is a real refreshment to see them almost naked.

Before subjecting slave to mixed wrestling domination, Mistresses agreed to start things with some beating. Just enough to make their new slave obedient and to make him understand how serious they are. A few harsh hits into the chest and stomach will do the job. In the end, there is no man born yet that will be able to resist if two hot girls start kicking his groins

wrestling facesitting

The real beauty of this kind of erotic female domination is that girl in charge can use various humiliation methods and merge them into one flawless session. A face sitting photo above is a good example of that. While one of the Dommes is sitting on slave’s face and using her big butt to pin him down, other Mistress started twisting his legs. 

Painful and aggressively, he is immediately placed into total submission. Just look at his face and how red it is and you will immediately figure out how merciless wrestling female bitches are. Sometimes it is hard to make a conclusion just based on photos but this gallery is pretty self-explanatory. I also had a chance to see a full domination wrestling video in HD which means to hear all those sounds coming with a womens wrestling and sensual domination fight. Limbs twisting, bones cracking, slave panting, girls yelling and a body hitting the wrestling mat. A real symphony for real sex fight fans!

female domination wrestling

I wouldn’t call this a wrestling match especially because the submissive guy doesn’t stand a change against two strong females determined 

Two pairs of powerful legs, natural wish to hurt men and fantastic cooperation between two girls are a guarantee that this guy won’t leave without being properly injured. After looking at all these female muscle domination and women fighting against man, I can say that mixed wrestling femdom is a special BDSM category

double femdom

My favorite photo from this session is the one above. The complexity of moves and intertwined arms and legs somehow reminds me to group sex. I guess am not the only one noticing that because sexual domination is in the core of every FFM session. 

I must admit that that poor guy is pretty strong, considering how long he is managing to remain conscious while pro wrestling bitches are tightening their grip around him. Maybe girls are deliberately leaving him awake so the session can last longer until they are satisfied with his sufferings. Whatever it is, everything looks just fine and how it should be with a high quality fighting female mastery.

sexy victory pose

After watching sexy and hot girls wrestling, now you know that femdom mixed fighting is not some kind of fantasy fetish but a real way to dominate men. Sometimes it will even lead to a strong female orgasm if a dominant girl use head scissors to force female worship and pussy stimulation. But let’s leave that for some other time together with some more planned updates like topless wrestling and strong women photos stories.

The last pic of a female wrestler choking and smothering slave while striking a victory pose is the perfect example of how this type of domination should end. One picture containing everything it should, power exchange, physical pain, female supremacy, a strong and muscular female body, sweat and of course, total humiliation of a submissive guy.

Female Domination Wrestling
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