Female Foot Smother

Female foot smother is one of the first practices young girls are discovering while slowly exploring their dominant side. Considering that all it takes is a pair of bare feet and a horny man (friend, boyfriend or sometimes even a relative), it is one of the most common amateur female domination techniques. 

Actually, If I want to be absolutely precise, only femdom ass worship fetish is coming before. But that’s totally logical, every guy out there has a crush for a nice female butt and it is close to the genital area so the border between “regular” ass fetish and forced femdom facesitting is really tiny. But let’s get back to female foot smother and enjoy this foot licking and foot worship scene.

Female Foot Smother

Basically, there is not much to talk about this redhead exquisite femdom lady. Everything is so simple and pretty clean and that’s the beauty of it. Straight to the genuine foot fetish action, probably as soon as she got her high heels off, Mistress took the suitable possible position for a good female supremacy foot smother.

Goddess sitting on slave and making him sniff her feet

While she is drinking her favorite wine, slave pinned down is forced to serve her pretty feet. Unfortunately for him, she is pressing naked feet so strong that he can’t actually see them. But at the same time, he can definitely feel the specific scent coming from a female sweat. I am not talking about regular, fresh one, but actually about a special kind of smell coming after a day of being there. Anyone with some real experience with beautiful barefoot sniffing or smothering will know what I am talking about. 

femdom foot sniffing

Even it this hot young lady is not a professional dominatrix and this is not a professional femdom BDSM dungeon but an ordinary bedroom, clearly she has at least some experience with feet smother porn fetish. If you take a better look at a slave suffering under sexy bare feet, you will notice that his hands are tied.

female foot smother

This is a well-planned move because once hands are tied and air flow restricted with her magical feet, the submissive slave is actually placed under her absolute control. There is no way that he can seriously resist or to be able to get away. And foot goddess knows that very well and this is why she is cheering with a glass in her hand while the slave is struggling for air!

Mistress relaxing while slave is sniffing her bare feet

Female Foot Smother
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