Female Whipping Male

Female whipping male slave is one of those nasty things often happening deep inside dark femdom BDSM dungeons. Harsh whipping and flogging of a male slave is actually nothing new. People were using hard whipping torture as one of the first punishment methods. 

When you take a look through the history of mankind, it is probably the most popular method of domination and something you will often see in historical books. So it is logical that powerful females looking to discipline men see this type of femdom torture as an effective way of getting what they want. Below is a top rated exclusive video where you can watch female whipping male and enjoy observing his misery and suffering.

Female whipping male example


So who is this Divine femdom Goddess in shiny black latex costume? Considering that the majority of the scene is recorded from behind her back, even the most loyal and experienced visitors of Femdom Destiny probably won’t recognize her. This is Mistress Bijou Steal, one of the ladies whipping slaves regularly even on the daily level. You can see some other of her whipping torture sessions at the femdom whipping torture archive available here.

My favorite part of the scene is somewhere at the half of a video clip above. Show start there and instead of continuous hits all over slave’s back, Dominatrix decided to give it a different approach to this already hottest recommended action. Basically, this is one of the cock and balls torture techniques when you look at it better. I am talking about cock flogging punishment. If you are inexperienced with brutal female domination torture, then it might look too soft when you look at it. But once you find yourself in a situation where you are helplessly tied while the sexy woman is whipping your genitals (even slowly), you will learn how wrong you were thinking this is something easy.

What I’ve also liked is a choice of her whipping tool. This is not a classic long leather whip femdom Mistress will use to hurt the slave. You know, when cruel ladies whipping male, they usually choose to do it with a classic whip choosing the longest one because it should deliver most pain and damage. Experienced Goddess and cruel Domina, Mistress Bijou picked her favorite femdom flogger for this session. She knows that one hit will cover a much bigger surface area of the skin. When it comes to cock and balls whipping torture, it is an irreplaceable tool and much more practical than anything else.

Anyway, determined to make the slave suffer as much as possible, She continues to flog and beat and punish the dirty old man until he is a mass of crying, begging, pleading, flesh hanging from his wrists. I would say this is a genuine content high quality we all simply love to see. So while you watch this exclusive female whipping male video, I would like to mention something else too.

Heavy hits and sounds of a leather flogger and slave’s back reminded me to one more of my favorite whipstress scenes I would like to share and recommend. Take a look at hardcore femdom BDSM whipping video clip reminding to this one above. But what is different and make it stand out from the crowd of other exclusive content high-quality domination stuff is the position where the submissive guy is placed. Not that I want to give you a spoiler but there is no way to hid what you are about to see in a second anyway. Sub is hanged upside down so his blood is rushing inside his head while Domina is mercilessly hitting him with a whip! Oh, what a fucking scene, I simply love it.

Female Whipping Male
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