Financial Dom – Cryptoslavery!

Financial Dom just got a new form for the 21st century. Femdom Destiny has the honor to announce a fantastic new site for money slavery. But before we go into the details, here are a few words about this fetish that involves spending of hard earned cash. 

Dominatrix draining slaves

Basically, financial domination is the special femdom relationship between financial slaves and Fin Domme (financial Dominatrix) where the sub is trying to please Goddess by giving her money and getting her attention.  Money is not the only thing that they can donate, gifts and expensive stuff from the Mistresses favorite lists are just fine.

From this moment, there is a new way to financially please Financial Domme. As the name of a website says, Mine For Me is a place where slaves will now go and mine cryptocurrency for the Goddesses there. This means that even if you are broke and not having a cash immediately, you can still give something and practically become a pay pig! I would say, mining pay pig. 


In the brave new world of online financial domination, BDSM community meets new technologies. The whole approach is simple and we all know that simplicity is related to ingenious things. Same applies to this site where the only thing you need to serve is a computer and access to the internet.

Once you get to the new site, you will have the option to learn and read frequently asked questions or choose to immediately serve fem domme. There is a Mistress listing page where you can see some of the Goddesses. New Mistresses are getting onboard often so I will suggest suggesting this site to your favorite Humiliatrix or to a professional dominatrix. 

There is no registration if you don’t want to leave your email address. This means that you will serve anonymously. But, you can also register as a cryptocurrency Financial Dom slave and get your ranking while progressing and giving more to your favorite Woman. This means that your servitude is tracked and you will have a chance to prove how much you contribute to her.  And contribution is simple and effective. As mentioned above, all you will have to do is to go and stay on Mistress mining page. Once there, your computer will start mining cryptocurrency that a Mistress will receive. If you are not familiar with the concept of mining, read the FAQ section where all details are explained


financial domThis site is the perfect substitute for the financial domination mind control, those who can’t afford to pay or simply a great extension for existing pay pigs. Great thing is that there are no more excuses. Everyone has a computer today and what you need to do is to keep mining page opened as much as you can. More time equals more money for Goddess! You can multiply your mining effort by opening page on multiple computers (home, office or simply buy more computers). 

The effectiveness of your new Financial Dom slavery task depends on the strength of your computer. More powerful your machine is, more currency you can mine in the same time interval. All this will set a new trend where a serious money slave will strive to have better computers. Anyway, your current one is good enough as long as you have internet access and you can load a page there. 

Interestingly, men and women can use the site and don’t be surprised, I’ve met few lesbians into financial submissive fetish! Still, it is an exception more than a rule but who knows, I am sure that will drastically popularize the idea of crypto findom primarily and domination mind control. Even if everything might look like the game, true financial domination relationship is in front of you. Slave miner personally can’t earn too much money this way, or at least it can in a short time period, but the goal is to spread the story around and get thousand pathetic submissive men to mine in real time. Each one of you will feel a loss of control after some time and will feel useless if you are not mining for the Dominant bitch collecting fruits of your labor. How cool is that?


The future of Financial Dom seems bright. At least for the Mistresses on this site. I am sure that their spending habits will be changed fast. Cryptocurrency market is rising and there is a future no matter how hard some interest groups are trying to slow it down. Maybe best and smartest part is that slaves are mining Monero cryptocurrency (XMR). Why is this smart? Because this crypto is totally anonymous compared to others like Bitcoin (BTC). You can actually read more about it on a page intended for giving more info about Monero. Findoms there will use your hard work and convert cryptocurrency into something else or simply use it for buying their favorite stuff. It is up to them while your goal should be to give a lot of financial support and deliver a good job as a money slave.

Financial Dom – Cryptoslavery!
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