Findom Fetish

Findom is the pretty popular term in the previous period. Findom is a combination of 2 words: financial domination. This not a new method in female domination but it is getting the popularity these days. If are not familiar with the details about this femdom fetish, visit us next week and you will find a new text that is covering all the aspects of findom.

Until then, I’ve prepared a gallery that will clearly show what is financial domination. In the findom gallery below, you are seeing some really hot and dominant European bitches posing with the money. Money is, of course, drained from the pathetic pay pigs who tried to please them. What most of this wallet saves doesn’t know is that once you get inside money domination, it is almost impossible to get out. It is addictive, in a similar way as gambling. But even if a slave somehow manages to escape that humiliating addiction, there is another problem. Brat bitches usually won’t just let him go. Money is always leaving the trail and that means that they have tons of proof about what was happening.

With those compromising evidence that they have at their disposal, next logical step is to blackmail a slave. And they can do it easily. Usually, it works and helps to force a money pig to find even more money than before. Once the slave is there, this becomes a really vicious circle and usually, girls don’t stop until they are sure that a slave is now useless to them. Luckily, there are always enough pathetic males trying to get their attention so their luxurious lifestyle is almost never in jeopardy. At least for real and experienced findoms. Some of them you can see below. I think that two pictures here best illustrate what kind of attitude financial dommes have toward slaves.

Click on the first photo and you will see contempt in the eyes of a relaxed smoking dominatrix while the money is sticking out from the pocket on her sexy butt in jeans. Perfect humiliatrix, isn’t she? Well, that is how it looks like in the beginning. To see how it looks at the end, click on the last photo. You can see the disappointment in brat bitch’s eyes when she is not satisfied with the amount of money she is getting from a sub. At that point, their “love” usually stops and slave is kicked out from her service. At least until he manages to get more money.

Findom fetish girls:

Findom Fetish
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