Findom Mistress

Findom mistress video below is kind of an announcement and an introduction toward the new financial domination website coming soon. I won’t tell you more about this exclusive money slave website where you will be used as a  pay pig. Check out Femdom Destiny soon to see the latest news about this. Meanwhile, take a look at financial dominatrix video where you will get basic instructions about properly pleasing and serving a Goddess. You are looking at a hot and busty blonde British Domina, Princess Ashleigh. This is what she has to say to pathetic guys like you:

Today is the last day of your financial life. I am financially executing you – after today you will literally have nothing – everything will be under my control. EVERYTHING. I’d love to tell you that your execution will be quick and painless but it’s really not – it’s slow and torturous. It’s going to take hours – hours of watching my pretty, greedy fingers snatching every last dollar from your account. I’m going to empty your account one bite at a time as you watch. You can beg me to take it or beg me not to – it’s up to you but whatever you do or say will not change a thing. I’m taking all of your money – transferring it into my account bit by bit. You’re just a sucker for my hot young curvy body and my mean bitch attitude and you know there’s nothing to stop me from completely ruining you.

Financial ruin is one thing – financial execution is a whole NEW thing altogether. Financial ruin still allows a poor findom victim like you to rebuild his plundered assets. Financial execution does not allow for this to happen! Once you’ve been financially executed there’s no coming back – you’re broke for life! Once I’ve taken all your money I take additional steps to completely DESTROY your entire credit rating. I’ll force you into a pit of debt and then make you default on every payment. You’ll be blacklisted for life by the time I’m done with you and I’ll be enjoying all the spoils of your situation. I’ll be enjoying an astonishing lifestyle while you scrabble around for pennies to survive on. Financial Execution is the worst way to end your life loser.

Findom Mistress video

Findom Mistress
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