Fishnet Foot Worship

Fishnet foot worship is that kinky thing most of the men have on their dirty minds when they see girls wearing fishnet stockings. It is simply irresistible and we all know it. Looking at a woman wearing them lead to a foot fetish fantasy, almost instantly. No matter how much do you resist it is simply imminent.

You know, the best part that always happens in real life is how men are trying to hide their obsession with sexy fishnet. Next time when you notice a hot woman in high quality fishnets, simply look at the guys around her. You will be shocked by how they are reacting and how much they are trying to hide their fascination. Of course, staring and nice female legs is always impolite but with fishnets on, I can guarantee that there is no man that that won’t try to at least secretly watch them at least for a few seconds. Or even better, when you see a self-confident woman in sexy fishnets walking on the streets, just count how many guys will almost race and eventually match her speed to stay behind and stare as long as they can. Besides fantasizing about fishnet foot sex, the next thing that is keeping their thoughts occupied is what type of fishnets girl is using. Stockings, pantyhose or maybe even a complete fishnet bodysuit? This kind of questions always stays unanswered just like they will stay horny and miserable while the girl is slowly disappearing from their sight.

Unfortunately, girls are rarely wearing them and it takes some kind of special occasion to put them on. Shame, considering the positive influence on their womanhood and how much they could get from pathetic and horny men. Still, there are some girls perfectly aware of magic going with them when they are in fishnets. Mistress Sunshine is one of them. You are about to see this sexy brunette enjoying fishnet foot worship while the personal slave is gagging with her sexy toes.

Fishnet Foot Worshipsexy girl in black fishnets forcin

Clearly, this sensual young dominant woman is not a professional dominatrix. She is more like the girl next door type, one of those sexy ladies you are seeing every day. Well, now you will find out what this type of girls love to do with their men when no one is watching.

sexy brunette enjoying feet sniffing

With distinct anger on her cute face, a pleasant looking girl suddenly became intimidating and scary. Definitely not someone to fuck with in any way. It is unbelievable how those cute girls know how to pretend until it is too late. 

As soon as she placed foot slave to be on his knees, Goddess started yelling, screaming and ordering him to sniff her arches. But that is just the beginning. Once feet slave well learn scent of his Domme’s feet, it is time to start sucking them. Of course, he is obliged to do that without taking fishnets off.

fishnet foot worship

Slave’s new footdom Mistress is not making things easy for him. On the contrary, what started as more or less classic feet licking domination and humiliation soon became pretty violent foot domination where mistress is literally gagging him with her feet.

When a submissive guy tries to withdraw, Goddess is simply not letting him pull out her leg from his mouth. Maybe it is hard to see it on photos, but there is a big physical pressure on a slave to keep sucking Domme’s feet.

slave choking with Domme's feet

Fishnet Foot Worship
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