Foot Domination

Foot domination is the pretty broad term. Basically, there are different variations in this field but they all have one thing in common and that is to humiliate and hurt a slave with feet. There is also shortened version of this term and it is a combination of two words. So from now on, I am about to use it here in this text and you will often find it here at Femdom Destiny. I am talking about  “footdom”. If I would have to describe foot domination to someone and give few examples of footdom, I would have a serious problem to pick the proper example. You know, various things are considered footdom. From trampling through feet licking up to the brutal ballbusting torture. It is a matter of personal taste really.

Because of this, I ‘ve picked a video that I think it is a perfect example of footdom. You are about to see the preview from a foot domination video where a young dominatrix in fishnet stockings and high heels is dominating slave with her feet. She is combining some of the mentioned methods to get what she wants and that is slave’s agony, humiliation, and pain. You are about to see her trampling naked guy. There is a good reason why he is naked. Once she finishes trampling and forcing him to lick and suck her feet, it is time for something even worse. I am talking about ballbusting and ball kicking that will make him moan in pain. 

Foot domination video:

Foot Domination
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