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FOOT FETISH SITES – TOP 10: Considering that you are already here and you are reading an article related to feet fetish, it is clear that you are a serious foot fetishist always looking for more of sexy female feet. As such, you are about to see top list of foot fetish sites created by the criteria like the amount of content, quality, exclusivity, and a number of visitors.

If you are following Femdom Destiny, you know that this is a huge site with statistics from thousands of visitors collected every day. Considering the size of foot fetish and its subcategories, making this toplist was a very hard thing to do. But we did it. Before you start reading more about these fetish sites there is one more thing you should know. As a femdom resource, we were looking for the best fetish sites featuring at least some foot worship and foot domination action. This means that the sites mentioned on the top list contain beautiful female feet but also guys worshiping them in different ways. We sincerely believe that every aspect of legs and feet fetish is covered. That includes things like foot sex, high heels, covered feet, long toes, foot fucking, nylon feet, dirty feet, footjobs, dirty soles, feet in sandals and much, much more. Basically, everything fetish lovers are looking for. f

We would also love to hear your opinion about the most desirable foot fetish sites, so you are welcome to leave comments below the article. Also, you can post a suggestion or if you know about some new site that foot lovers are going to like. Just please, keep that we are looking for quality. There are many sites that simply don’t deserve a good ranking. Luckily for you, the best footdom sites listing will help you out to save your precious time that you can use better. For example, to watch sexy foot models and fetish videos.

Top 10 Foot Fetish Sites


Best of Foot Fetish Sites We know that most of the sites lists are actually showing best results at the bottom. Here, the idea is to deliver the best results immediately, so you can get a  better picture ASAP. There is nothing so frustrating like procrastinating when you are looking for the desired information. It is also important to know, that borders between top 10 footdom sites are sometimes blurry because all of the mentioned sites are very good. 

Footdom United is actually a network of foot fetish and fem dom sites. With the membership to this site, you will get exclusive updates and also an access to all sites in the network. These are Boot Slaves, Stockings Slaves, and Feet slaves. Even if this site is not technically the best site on this listing, it is offering most for the buck. Of course, a high-quality foot fetish content is implied.  Archive of content is huge. At this point over 2047 videos and God knows how many accompanying photos (over 100 000). I think now you are getting the idea why this site is ranked so high. As a member, you will get a vast archive and be busy for months to come.

Footdom United is a site filled with femdom and legs worship. Basically, every scene has a Mistress and a slave. Even if you are wondering what can be so different in so many scenes, you will understand it as soon as you visit Footdom United. Hundreds of models, different places and probably every possible type of footwear (not counting barefoot girls) is the reason for so many foot fetish stuff. On the top of that, add that slaves there are not only males but also very sexy lesbian girls. Below is the sample gallery of randomly picked photos from the member zone of the biggest foot domination site!

Footdom United fetish galleries samples


When it comes to quality of the photos and videos, the name of the site says it all. Femdom Gold is a relatively new site (started in 2015) and that means that is using modern technology to make high-quality content. If they continue this way, they have a great chance to get to the first place of this feet site list. Meanwhile, you should visit them and enjoy video and photo content made by the highest standard in the industry.

Filled with beautiful European girls, Foot Fetish Gold is offering well-organized member zone easy to use. Everything is clean, simple and easily accessible, together with the info about each girl’s feet size. They know that for many of you this is a very important factor when deciding to jerk it off.

The collection of videos is currently of average size with over 220 videos. Member zone is updated each day (yes, you are reading it right). Knowing this, you can easily calculate when they will catch up with other sites having bigger archives. But you are not here to do the math but to find best foot fetish sites. Femdom Gold is definitely one of those. Some of you guys are going to appreciate fact that most of the girls showing feet are from Germany. Still, there are some of the most beautiful Asian Goddesses we have seen recently. That is all you are going to find out here about the sexy amateur models. We want that you go and see it by yourself. As regards feet pics and footage, everything is made in HD quality. Just like with the most of the high quality fetish sites here, you should expect most of the foot fetish categories plus some unexpected trampling humiliation. 

Foot Fetish Gold photos



foot fetish dreamsFoot Fetish Dreams is one of the oldest sites on the list. If you are wondering why they are not ranked higher, the only reason is a lack of some technical features that newer websites are having. From the perspective of feet fetish and beautiful women, it deserves a firm third place. Foot Fetish Dreams is mostly dedicated to feet close-ups, hot legs, and bare feet than to foot worship or domination. Sure, there are many feet sex and footjob videos and photos, too. 

What is specific is that this site is populated with many hot eastern European girls. To be more precise. You will find a big number of Czech feet inside the member zone of this site. There are over 400 exclusive female foot updates. More than enough to keep you busy for a while. Each scene has a video and a photo gallery with average 150 photos. 

The site constantly updates for all these years which means they are here to stay. From the perspective of the domination fetish lover, this site has good footjobs content. Incredibly, some of the videos are over 70 minutes long. Yes, you are reading it right. I’ve never seen scenes that are so long until now. One more thing is interesting. If you are seriously into the foot fetish stuff and you have some money to spend, you can get a custom foot girls video. Check out the site to get more info, we don’t want to spoil it here.

Foot Fetish Dreams photos


Nylons fetishThe first site on the list  targeting a specific sub niche of foot fetish is Nylon Worship. The title of this fantastic site says it all. It is completely dedicated to sexy (mostly German) girls showing off their feet. Compared to other foot fetish sites here, all girls are wearing nylon stockings or pantyhose. I am sure that nylon fetish lovers are going to enjoy this site, especially once they see the quality of it.

The design is fantastic and the content is even better. Everything is done in high quality. The reason why this site is not higher on the list is that that this is smaller and niche specific site. Smaller doesn’t mean that the amount of member zone content is worthless. On the contrary, there is over 10384 photos and 129 exclusive videos. Really enviable amount considering quality, micro niche and the great price of membership. Below are some photo nylon foot samples were randomly taken from the member zone of this website. Only 8, but it is a good start. For the rest, visit this great foot fetish site!

Site sample photos


czech solesAgain, a good title can tell enough about the site. At least it is like that with Czech Soles. It is one more site coming from the Czech Republic. (why there is so much foot fetish and feet lovers located in Europe?). Just as you would expect from hot amateur fetish girls, videos featuring them are kinky, sexy and made in high quality. The whole approach to the sexy women, and their feet is different compared to the previous sites. I could even say that it feels somehow artistic and you will see why after looking at the free trailers on Czech Soles. 

High quality footage of slaves being forced to suck feet is recorded in very high quality. Full HD videos and supreme photos quality will let you see every single detail, including sweat or dirt on girl’s feet. Nylon worship, lezdom foot fetish, forced toes sucking, feet massage, you name it. This site is covering probably every sub fetish in footdom.

Czech Soles photos



Smell socksAfter the first half of the foot fetish sites list, here comes one more micro niche site. For people new into the world of girls feet and fetish girls, it might be strange that someone feels attracted to the dirty and stinky socks. After visiting Smell Socks websites, many of them will become loyal followers of this kinky foot fetish site.

The same people behind 4th placed site are running Smell Socks. This is great because they clearely know what they are doing. Once again, bunch of sexy pretty feet girls is teasing with variety of dirty socks. There is around 12 000 feet pictures and 143 videos of smelly feet. Great amount considering the specificity of this fetish. Actually, Smell Socks has a bigger member area than some of The best female domination sites, believe it or not. The site is constantly updated so there is fresh content added weekly.

Sites samples



Kiss her footAfter the site on the first place, finally a site not coming from Europe. Kiss Her Foot is a genuine American fetish site dedicated to foot worship and humiliation with the feet. Sexy amateur barefoot girls are dominating male and girls slaves equally. They simply don’t care as long their feet are getting proper respect and massage. Of course, massage is done with tongues only. A plenty of lesbian foot content is making this interesting to the lezdom fetish lovers and not only for the people into the feet. 

Besides barefoot babes, expect to see stockings and pantyhose, feet in high heels and significant amount of different footwear worship (shoes, boots, flip flops, etc…).  

Kiss Her Foot samples


Dirty Feet GirlsYou are reading this list because you love love what you are and you love to feel dirty and kinky. With the 8th ranked site, dirty is getting a completely new meaning.

To understand how you will have to browse through 15 000 pics and many hours of bare feet videos having one thing in common. All those sexy feet are totally dirty form different kinds of dirt (mud, grass, sand, dust, etc.). This is the oldest and probably one of the biggest foot fetish websites dedicated to dirty feet. 

Be careful, they are offering not only membership but pay per clip model. I know that you can impulsively want to see some girls as soon as possible, but there is so much of it inside, that you should go only with a full membership. You can thank me later, in the commenting section on this page. This advice will save you money and give some unforgettable foot fetish experience.

Dirty Feet Girls pics



femdom goldFollowing the successful concept of the Foot Fetish Gold website (ranked second on this high quality foot fetish sites list), a similar site emerged. This time, the idea was to ensure enough femdom domination and humiliation for their foot fetishist craving for submissive relationship with sexy females.

Believe it or not, daily updates of Femdom Gold are occurring precisely like the clockwork. The site is filled with fem dom and humiliation of men, all that with the use of sexy female legs and feet.

Girls are simply beautiful and you will see brunettes, blondes, redheads and all kinds of girls you can imagine. That includes some of the nastiest BBW foot fetish and domination stuff ever seen. But the quality of content is not the only thing that matters. Member zone has all necessary features for a comfortable browsing and a fast navigation. The only reason why this site is near the bottom of best feet fetish sites list it that it is primary made as a femdom site ( what you can see from its name).  Stuffed with various feet in all shapes and sizes, it is one of those that you simply must see. A few pics below will tell you more than some of the foot fetish site reviews. 

Femdom Gold samples

feet links, 


Under feetFor the end, the last ranked site  on foot fetish sites list is one of the oldest and to many people, most famous website. A term “last” sounds a little bit too harsh but someone has to take this 10th place, right? 

Under Feet is still a great footdom site featuring sexy feet, this time from the beautiful Russian girls. Barefoot footjobs, trampling, forced toes sucking, foot massage, fishnets worship, but also some more serious things like brutal kicking is what makes this site so popular. They resumed site updates recently, after the period of stagnation. Don’t let the old design confuse you, check their updates page to get a better idea what is going on. 

Anyway, quality of the picture and video recordings is simply superb. Like some of the foot fetish sites mentioned above, under Feet has a great production and top notch equipment. Mix all that with the some of the best feet girls and there goes your answer why it is placed on thi carefully created foot fetish sites list.

Under Feet photos

Best foot fetish sites list

is created based on the visitors data collected in the previous periods. After looking at the stats and where people mostly go, we made a list and then sorted it out by quality and what the website is offering. Check page occasionally for the updates in ranking.

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