Foot Worship Trample

Foot worship trample is a kind of combination of two most popular footdom techniques, trampling and feet worship. Shame we are not seeing it more often but for some reason, girls are not doing it. Luckily, today’s foot fetish update is all about foot goddess in high heels and black opaque stockings and her personal foot slave.

If you take a better look at femdom fetish photos below, you will immediately notice that sexy hot girl is not a professional Dominatrix. Sure, she is definitely into foot domination just like many girls you are seeing every day without knowing how kinky they are. It is incredible how much amateur femdom is happening behind closed doors. This is just one example of how it looks like. Interestingly, many people believe that slave domination can’t be effective if it is done by an “ordinary” girl instead of a pro-Domme. Well, let me disappoint you. In many cases, being dominated this way is much worse and more painful for a slave. Why? Because inexperienced girls are simply not having a feeling about slave’s endurance and what he can handle. It takes some time to learn these things and many men were seriously fucked up and injured in the process of amateur BDSM femdom. But that’s the beauty of amateur femdom supremacy, isn’t it? Not all girls will manage to become successful top rated Mistresses, but all that motivation and wish to be on the top of the game is simply beautiful to watch and it will always be.

Trampling foot fetish gallery perfectly fits the description above. The scene is happening in the comfort of her apartment. Cruel brunette is about to use her petite nylon feet to trample slave’s chest and make him suck them at the same time. After looking at there photos, I have a feeling that foot trampling is about to become her favorite method of female domination.

Foot worship trample photos

male slave licking dirty soles

First come first. Brutal trampling always should start with dirty soles licking and this is exactly what a submissive man has to do before the next stage of trampling foot worship session.

foot worship trample

Once foot trample Goddess in tight black stockings ensured that her stiletto shoes are ready, it is time for some painful chest trampling.

opaques stockings worship

Maybe this guy is hoping that he will somehow get foot job but that won’t happen. Before hot foot Domina resumes body trampling, she wants her toes in stockings licked and relaxed with slave’s tongue.

amateur german trampling in stockings

Just look at sub’s chest deformation under Mistress’s weight! This is what I call a high quality fem dom trampling torture session. Actually, this gallery should be used as a perfect example of a real domestic femdom torture.


Foot Worship Trample
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