Footdom Gallery

Footdom gallery is always a good way to spice up the day. We all know that most of them usually look pretty same, more or less. This is why I’ve tried to find something a little bit different and more interesting for today. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the classic foot femdom and foot domination scenes. I am actually saying that there is never enough of them and once you get into it, you will always ask for more. So more the merrier rule applies to this fetish. This is why I’ve picked a double toe sucking update you are about to see. But foot fetish here is just the beginning. This two young dominant girls will go further and that means that slave is going to get a genuine femdom footjob experience. So let’s see what is going on here.

Sexy princess Mea coming back with her friend EL. They both very pretty young, and have really sexy feet. Size 38 and 37 with high arches and sexy toes. There is no a special scenario behind this foot worship scene. Basically, the girls love to dominate and humiliate, but they also love to get their feet massaged. So when you mix these two ingredients together you will get great feet worship experience. You know, when you are hot and young it is easy to find a slave to lick your feet. Basically, this male slave is one of many horny guys that footdom Mistress Mea always has at her disposal. He should be happy for getting a chance to worship and suck such a sexy feet. But, the best part is about to happen. Just like in his wildest dreams, his pathetic cock is about to get a rubbing with their petite feet! Yeah, a real footjob that will stay remembered in this exclusive footdom gallery. The only reason why dominant girls decided to give him this pleasure is the time of the month. A new year is just one day away so girls agreed to give him some kind of a special present that a slave will never forget!

Footdom gallery

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Footdom Gallery
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