Footdom Pics

Footdom pics, can it ever be enough of them? We all know that answer to that questions is one big NO. There is never enough of good feet licking and foot worship stuff. What I am trying to say is that a good footdom pics update doesn’t need a special reason to be published. Just a good old craving for the sexy female feet. And Young Goddess Barbara has beautiful feet. Not only that this young Mistress looks sexy and hot with those expensive eyeglasses and a shiny dress. Her feet just got a pedicure treatment.

On the second photo below, you can see fantastic close-up photo showing every single detail of her pedicured feet and sexy pink nails. With the strong light above the bed, you can clearly see the skin of her feet and how it becomes wet once she put them inside slave’s mouth. Luckily for a feet slave, kinky footdom Goddess, Barbara let him touch himself. She knows that pathetic guys like this can cum very fast. Basically, when they see naked feet they are almost ready to ejaculate. You can just imagine what happens when they feel Domme’s toes inside the mouth. Because of that, brunette Mistress explained to him how he can masturbate and at what speed. Before she let him cum, Mistress wants her heels and toes properly massaged with slave’s tongue. Once she is satisfied, depending on how good the slave was, she will let him cum.

It seems that this young domme was eventually satisfied with slave’s behavior. You can see that from the last photo in this foot domination gallery. Thanks to the mentioned strong lighting, you can see how strong this guy jizzed and practically washed her feet with sperm. A beautiful scenery for every Mistress, isn’t it?

Footdom pics

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Footdom Pics
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