Forced Ass Licking

Forced Ass Licking sounds like one of those BDSM methods where you need a decent amount of equipment to do it right. Usually, this stuff is reserved for the private femdom dungeons that are not easily available and their number is limited. But today’s ass licking slave gallery will show you that it is possible to make slave suffer under the ass at the comfort of the home. I guess that many amateur dommes are going to love hairy pussy licking gallery.

So what is the name of the handsome blonde? This is Riley Reyes and she knows that she can get men to do anything she wants. But sometimes she loves to have her males bound without any choice in the matter, having their face ready as a comfortable chair to ride to as much pleasure as her whims desire. There is a new tool that she obtained recently for this forced asslicking session. Actually, this is one of many ass worship sessions to come.  It is designed in a way to ensure durability. What does that mean? Well, the idea is not to torture femdom slave. On the contrary.The goal is to provide long pleasure to the goddess. If the ass slave is in pain, he won’t be able to concentrate on his task. This is why he is in the position of being on his back. But how’s that different than an ordinary bed? If you take a better look, his hands are tied so there is no escape. Basically, this is the perfect position for the ass lick. It is leaving enough space for the Mistress to choose her favorite position and position herself in a way she wants. I would say that this is definitely one of the top rated femdom facesitting tools I’ve seen recently

Forced Ass Licking photos

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Forced Ass Licking
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