Forced Bi Sissy

Forced Bi sissy is the shortest way to explain the process of femdom sissy training where the goal is to ultimately humiliate slave and leave permanent marks on his psyche. There are various methods of sissy slut domination but sucking cock of the other slave is usually coming first. Later, once sissy slave finally accepts and embrace his new sexual orientation, the next step is to make sissy experience brutal anal domination with strapon. The last instance of a proper sissy faggot transformation is, of course, a real anal sex where other men will fuck his ass.

But let’s go one step at the time. Below, you will find an xxx video showing something I would call, a perfect forced bisex blowjob. The whole slut training session is under the supervision of one of the most experienced top rated Mistresses in the field of sissy boys domination cuckold humiliation. Beautiful and kinky Goddess Kandy is showing once again, why she is unavoidable part os so many forced bi stories and porn videos.

So let’s take a look at this perfect example of a genuine sissy humiliation. Free porn video will help you understand and learn how to perform a quality bisex femdom blowjob. Ensure that you have a compatible web browser to view this video (please enable javascript)

Forced Bi Sissy – how to properly suck dick

Nasty fetish lady Mistress Kandy has invited her old buddy Roger over for a unique surprise. She didn’t tell him what is all about but she promised it will be memorable. Femdom Mistress know that he has a crush on her and a foot fetish for sexy feet in high heels for a long time. This is one of those things that will come handy when you need to persuade someone to do something. 

Seductive as always, dressed in tight leopard prints and high heels, it didn’t take much to place Roger on the sofa and instructs him to take his t-shirt off and place the mask on his head. Confused at first, it didn’t take much time for him to comply. Having a masking sound strange to him but who would even try to refuse such a sexy Goddess and a dominant lady. Eventually, he will understand why she demanded to cover his face.

Once relaxed and placed in suitable position, gorgeous Mistress Kandy leads in her former gardener, who recently considered himself a stud and tried to come on to her, on a collar and leash. Obviously, there is no man immune to the attitude and sexiness of this beautiful dominant woman. The best part is that she knows how to use that in her advantage and this is what is happening, just now. 

By using her femdom skills, she made crawling slave to understands that he really wants to be a slutty girl who longs for nothing but cocks in her mouth. Roger states that the sissy is coming along nicely and wonders how she will do sucking him. He starts liking the idea, as long as Mistress is in control, looking at the process and enjoying what she sees. Maybe this is the further he will be able to go with Goddess Kandy so he won’t miss a chance to be intimate, even remotely.

It feels like both guys are hypnotized but that’s the beauty of a real female supremacy. Practically, an experienced Dominatrix will make men do whatever she wants, including stuff like femdom cum eating, femdom live sex, big black cock sucking or ass deep fucking. 

First, divine Goddes tells slave Nikki to get on knees to suck dick. Domina made him to nudge his cock through his shorts and to sniff his manliness. Sissy boy Nikki eagerly removes Rogers shorts when ordered to do so and Kandy has ‘her’ tell them how badly she wants to suck that dick.

The two tops laugh that Nikki is in chastity and once the cocksucker has got Roger hard by sucking, Kinky Domina starts to use her hand to stroke him as well.  “Cup his balls and feel his juice that is going to be going down your gullet,” Dominatrix says.  As he is under some kind of a spell, a sissy cock sucker is clearly found a great pleasure with this erected penis and does everything to prove that she is a capable and dedicated forced bi sissy sucker. 

As it’s her first blowjob of the day sissy maid is hungry for her first meal.  Now Roger stands up and strokes his cock while slave sissy opens her thirsty mouth to get her sperm.  He is ordered by a Mistress to licks his balls while he strokes until he can’t hold off anymore and blows a huge load across Nikki’s face and directly to her mouth. 

Once sissy forced bi session is finally done, Goddess has something to say before letting sluts go away. She admitted that this is one of best forced scenes recently, just as she was expecting. They should know that she was recording this exclusive female supremacy porn video all the time and now she will publish it online on her personal femdom sex videos website. She now explained to a Roger how much she respects their friendship and that she wants to follow normal privacy policy when going online with this free porn video. This is the reason why he was given to wear a mask over his face. If they were not old friends, she wouldn’t care so he should respect that.

Forced Bi Sissy
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