Forced Bi

Forced bi can be really messy and humiliating experience if you run into the kinky bitches like these two sexy Mistresses are. Usually, when you are looking for forced bi, you will find guys sucking each other dicks. But today we have something much more serious and humiliating.

Two kinky goddesses are working as a tandem. You are about to see their great job and their humiliation skills. Bot of them knows very well what are they doing even if their actions seem like they are random. Actually, they are just saving time and each goddess is preparing one slave at the same time. While naked slave with the mask over his head is bent over and his tight arse is stretched, redhead dominatrix is preparing her huge black strapon. That slave must relax his anal hole as his domme ordered him. But that is not an easy task. The slave is frightened and he is having problems relaxing. You can’t blame him when you see his surrounding. He knows very well that something unpleasant and bad for him is about to happen, but at this moment he is not sure what will that be.

Meanwhile, the dark haired dominatrix is preparing another slave dressed in black PVC. With a blonde wig on his stupid head and fishnets, his role in this session is to be a female. What does that mean? Well, that means that after some cock sucking, he will have to put himself in the position where his ass is going to be easily accessible. But not for the strapon. At this point you are probably already guessing what will penetrate his ass, right?

In forced bi femdom video, you can see how these slave bitches handled this amount of humiliation and should their mistresses be satisfied how they performed.

Forced Bi Humiliation Video:


Forced Bi
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