Forced Feminization

Forced feminization seems like something that two goddesses are just about to do. With dungeon at their disposal and experience in so many different female domination scenarios, they agreed to go with forced feminization today. But don’t be fooled, that doesn’t mean that their sissy dolls will get away just with that. Forced feminization is just the beginning. Two pathetic guys will soon get a new role, even more, humiliating than to be doll slaves.

Below, in the femdom dolls humiliation photo gallery, you can see what dommes planned. Idea is to have properly trained strapon suckers. Practice leads to perfection and girls know that very well. That is why today’s session is only the beginning. Strapon sucking slaves will have to give a blow jobs to plastic dildos. Since slaves are pretty new, dommes won’t let them touch those dildos. They will serve them from their hands. Now you understand why forced feminization had to be done as the first step in this slave training. If you expect from a slave to suck it like the female, he must look and feel like one, right?

Forced Feminization photos:

Of course, sexy dressed dommes know one more thing. It is equally important to keep slave’s horny while working with them. For that purpose, both Mistresses have their gloves one. Spontaneous cock stroking during sissification process is inevitable. As I am concerned, the best part is the one when bitches ordered them to stroke dicks to each other. Just look at their faces behind doll mask and you can clearly see how humiliated they are. But there is no choice, Sidonia Von Bork is ready to do much worse things than this in case they don’t obey. If they have at least some brain left after this brainwashing, they will obey.


Forced Feminization
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