Forced Foot Worship

Forced foot worship is something that a young student wasn’t familiar with. At least until this moment and a special education class he is attending. You know, at his age, most of the guys are into the regular vanilla stuff. I am talking about things like watching porn online, masturbating on their female friends or fantasizing about their teachers. Maybe some dirty talks and lying friends about the fictional experience, but that is all. Well, this is a story about one of those pathetic guys and how his life changed unexpectedly. 

Obviously, Mistress Alice noticed him long ago. She needed an excuse to keep him after the classes. For a dominant woman, like she is, that was not a problem at all. Add some authority she had in the school even if she was hired recently and you will get it how he found himself locked inside the cabinet. At first, it was strange to a young guy why Miss Alice locked the door but who is he to ask. In some strange way, that control over his freedom turned him on. He started to feel that something pleasant between his thighs. Naive and inexperienced, he thought it is a result of one of his teacher sex fantasies. So he managed to calm down and not to show that he is aroused. What he also doesn’t know is that his dominant teacher can easily read him as a book. For her, all this is pretty fun and she really enjoys humiliating young boys

Knowing that this is boy’s first time and his first sexual experience, she decided to go slowly. That doesn’t exclude some other more brutal and humiliating stuff in the future. No rush, the school year began just a few weeks ago. There is a plenty of time to make this guy a real personal servant and femdom sub. Alice is a very patient person. At least until she has a slave under her control and that is about to happen in a matter of minutes. 

Forced Foot Worship:

dominant female teacher

Experienced teacher seducing slave boy

First, she basically seduced him by showing sexy legs in tan nylon pantyhose. Even if this seems spontaneous, Miss planned what she will wear for boy’s first time. Everything on her is pretty tight and showing her feminine curves. Clearly, this is not her first time and probably not the last one. First, she told him to sit down and then Mistress complained how her feet are tired after the whole day of work. Some sexy dangling led to the next level and that is a feet massage. Basically, she didn’t ask him but slowly placed her feet in his arms. The boy was confused, especially when he figured out that feet are pretty sweaty.

soles licking humiliation

Student licking soles

Ashamed and totally confused, the next thing he knows is that pantyhose feet are so close to his mouth. That is actually a moment when things got serious and a forced foot worship started. Unpleasant silence is interrupted only with Miss Alices laugh but that doesn’t last long. She wants to hear him sucking her sweaty feet in nylons. Such a beautiful sound that she enjoys so much. 

foot worship slave

Suck it hard, bitch!

Once the second foot found a way inside his mouth stupid guy started figuring out that a forced foot worship is only the beginning of their new kinky SM relationship. Smart boy, and it is now clear that Mistress had a perfect assessment when she picked one of the best students. She loves to humiliate smart boys or those that think they are smart.

forced foot worship

Forced Foot Worship
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