Forced Nylon Foot Worship

Forced nylon foot worship gallery below is one the top rated foot domination updates recently. At least this is my personal opinion based on the quality of photography, Mistress’s sexy feet and the spontaneous way of foot slave humiliation.

Clearly, blonde Goddess is a real hedonist. After a long day in office, the first thing she likes to do when getting home is to get her tired feet properly served and massaged. Things are getting better when you know that her nylon feet are smelly and sweaty. Female sweat, in the combination with nylon material always result in the very specific scent. If you are into the feet fetish, toe sucking and feet licking you probably already know that. Sexy foot goddess has one trick to make things even better. She is wearing her favorite high heels stiletto shoes with a small hole on the soles. This way, additional dirt is collected and nylon feet worship is even messier than it seems at the beginning.

With hands tied firm, one of the slaves was already left to wait for her arrival. Clearly, this is not the first time that he is serving Mistress and her dirty feet so there is no much talk in this scene. Without overwhelming words, feet femdom session started as soon as Goddess places her hot ass in her favorite and special (and very expensive) chair. It seems that forced nylon foot worship will last for a while. The slave will have plenty of time to sniff nice nylon feet in sheer tan pantyhose while kinky Goddess is making scheduled phone calls. I would say that nylon foot worship should be a mandatory practice for every office Domme out there. I can bet that foot worship would improve performance on the job. 

This amateur foot gallery reminded me to one of the previous pantyhose foot domination updates. Check out curvy Goddess in boots and tan pantyhose abusing a naked guy and forcing him to worship feet and be prepared for some ballbusting.

Forced nylon foot worship photos

high heels fetish sweaty feet licking

shoes dangling fetishforced nylon foot worship  Nylon Feet Snigginf


Forced Nylon Foot Worship
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