Facesitting Mistresses Relaxing

Girl sits on guys face is something that definitely marked this special evening. Best of all is that this is almost completely spontaneous. Of course, when a Mistress T invite someone to dinner, it is normal that there will be something kinky and unusual and everyone is expecting that.  But today she is introducing something, fresh, innovative and interesting.

Clearly, regarding the subject and girl sits on guys face photos below, you already know what is all about. But those two guys there didn’t see it coming. Mistress T is a real seductress and she is able to slowly get from her slaves whatever she wants. I am talking about various things like cuckold humiliation, boots worship, pussy licking, ballbusting and much more. Anyway, she decided to have fun with her friend that is often coming to have a nice and friendly chat. She prepared this facesitting surprise and no one knows it is coming except Mistress T. With the glass of expensive wine and a slave’s face under her ass can this evening me more relaxing? Of course, it doesn’t and especially while shaves got the order to massage their clits with tongues.

Once the girls are there, there is no reason not to make this friendly chat as long as possible. Everything is in place to make this night memorable not only for dommes, but also for two pathetic guys that are spending the night buried below their busty and dominant asses. Glass by glass, this is going to be pretty long evening and a hard one for two facesitting femdom slaves. If you want to see more like this and similar kinky photos and videos, check out Mistress T‘s personal website by clicking any of the fantastic facesitting femdom photos below.

Girl sits on guys face photos :

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Facesitting Mistresses Relaxing
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