Group Female Domination

Group female domination is a special kind of femdom fetish. To understand why this is, try to imagine a scene where Mistress queens gather and where the only question is how bad it is going to be for a slave. Most important thing is to understand how much pain and humiliation is happening when there are many dominant girls craving to abuse one or two slaves at the same time. This means that guys will have to go through group female domination torture and experience and that is a real hell compared to standard sessions with one Dominatrix. 

Ok, so now when Princess Bella, Princess Beverly, Princess Carmela, Princess Aria, Goddess Harley, and Queen Kasey are together, brutal femdom party can start. Just look at all those sexy girls. They are all so hot that if you don’t see a slave, most of the people will think this is preparation for top rated porn videos casting. But it isn’t and it is far from that. Maybe fat male slaves though they will be lucky and get a chance for some female domination copulation, but that won’t happen. Group fucking and domination sex is the last thing on their mind. Horny girls with big tits are more into brutal whipping and beating of men. Every one of them is armed with a long leather whip and they won’t hesitate to use them. As soon as one slave goes through the room where Dommes are hitting him,  the next is sent in just behind him like cars going through an automatic car wash. Except when they make it to the end they have to right back through again! How successful this form of BDSM fetish is, you can clearly see from the marks on their bodies. Bruises are almost bloody and extremely painful.

If that wasn’t painful enough, mean bitches also kick the slaves in the ribs and jam them with the points of their sexy high heel stilettos. The slaves are reduced to a trembling mess before it’s all over. Considering that girls really enjoy what their domination group is doing, one of the Mistresses decided to record domination videos and keep it for her private archive. While a group of horny Goddesses tests their new slaves and their endurance, she is continually recording high quality CFNM femdom scene so they can share this video online.

Group female domination debauchery

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Group Female Domination
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