Group Trampling

Group trampling was the last thing on the minds of these two horny idiots you are looking at photos below. Arrogant, naive and with zero experience with female domination, they have just made a huge mistake. I am saying no experience because you need to be seriously stupid not to see long canes in front of the hot looking girls. I mean, the only thing missing was a sign on their back saying “danger, female supremacists!”

I guess the only thing on their mind was to fuck something and sexy dressed brunette and redhead seemed like an easy target. What a fucking mistake! I would say that this is a perfect example of male stupidity and why women are considering them a lower race. So let’s see what happened here and why this is one of my favorite top rated group trample scenes ever.

Group trampling punishment

First, the idea of guys with such an obvious difference in age approaching together is a totally separate stupidity. Maybe they were drunk, but that won’t be tolerated as an excuse, at least not by these two hot young femdom girls

sexy dominant girls chatting

Considering that they wanted to be alone and have some private chat, girls first ignored them and their cheap approach. Girls simply didn’t want to lose their precious time with such losers but guys seem persistent. There is nothing more dominant girls hate as that determination some men tend to show toward women. 

This is actually the moment when irritation became so hight that they simply had to respond to it. And the response is brutal, quick and totally unexpected, at least from the perspective of these lads that will soon become femdom slaves. 

boring guys approaching girls

If someone is watching this humiliating femdom scene from a distance, synchronization of girls’ reaction might seem like some kind of acting. But it is not at all. They probably have been in a similar situation many times before. So after they suddenly turned, one of the Dommes grabbed slave for his neck and started choking him. While she is smothering him, other Goddess started kicking a slave in his groin with a goal to bring him down on the ground. 

Lol, just look at that confused face of that helpless older guy standing there staring at wondering what da fuck is going on here. Well, he is about to find out in a moment. 

ballbusting puishment

It didn’t take long before he figured out this is no game or jokes so he better do whatever it has to be done just to save his useless old life. As soon as the younger guy was pinned down to the ground, the mature one followed. The best thing is that Girls didn’t even have to tell him to do so, he is old enough to know when the situation is serious. 

group trampling

Once these sexy dominant bitches got them where they want (on the floor) femdom tramping torture retaliation can start. Considering this is an unplanned female supremacy session, they both agreed that trampling domination is the best and fastest way to learn slaves a lesson of good manners.

punished male slaves

One of the favorite tricks in trample femdom power exchange is when a Dominatrix stomps on slave’s hands. Fast and painful injuries coming from a full body weight will disable slave to use their hands and effectively defend themselves in the future. 

Plain and simple just as this kind of foot fetish domination should be. But it would be a shame to stop there. Why not use the advantage of high heels and make them a tool for torture, right?

trampling torture

Actually, this is when a real agony for slaves is starting. At this point, they are so fucked up that there is no more chance they will try to stand up. Hot dommes in nylons know that so they can resume drinking on the bar while standing all over useless slave’s bodies.

Group Trampling
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