Hardcore Ball Torture

Hardcore ball torture is one of the most reliable ways of making a slave being obedient and servile. Somehow, it seems that nature itself arranged the weaker sex (and we all know these are males) have a special spot on their body making them so vulnerable and easy to control.

I am talking about testicles that are probably the most sensitive body part in human anatomy. Just a tiny pressure on men groin are will result in severe pain that will make most of the guys fall on their knees almost instantaneously. Exactly this extreme sensitiveness is making it one of the most desirable things from the perspective of female domination practice.  Over the years cock and ball torture niche were born and today it is considered a legitimate fetish subcategory within femdom. But that is something most of you guys already know, right? Interestingly, even a relatively simple category as femdom CBT has its own subcategories. Ballbusting is one of the top rated femdom torture methods and the main characteristic is that it enables dominant women to easily control men and subject them to their will. Easily means that there is no need for special tools or circumstances for hardcore ballbusting torture. Basically, ball busting can be done literally everywhere from the street up to the femdom dungeon. 

Hardcore Ball Torture Ballbusting

balls stretching preparation

Brutal balls torture photos you are looking at are the perfect example of what I am talking about. Unfortunately for a sex slave, there are two girls playing with his most valuable part of the body. Well known by their cruelty,  Mistress Athena and Mistress R’eal are subjecting male slave through hardcore BDSM domination and degradation.

As mentioned above, this scene is a good example of how ballbusting femdom fetish can be practiced anywhere. This time this is a bedroom and next time it can be a kitchen, backyard, street or anywhere else. It is peculiarly scarry for men because a harsh and sudden kicking in the balls can come with the announcement, even from the back. You need to experience it for real to be able to understand the level of fear and insecurity submissives are feeling when a ballbusting Dominatrix is in their vicinity.

In the first torture porn photo above, you will see Goddess Athena inspecting slave’s balls. She is trying to determine how far Dommes can go with abusing. If a femdom slave is too weak, he can easily lose consciousness even after a first kick. No one wants to see that. These two sexy dominant balls busting Mistresses wants this session last long since this is more fun for them and more pain for the sub.

cruel Mistresses torturing slave

The next step in preparing slave for final balls kicking is trampling. It is the following level of pain induced by standing on his cock and balls. Frankly, I believe they should be even crueler toward that pathetic dick. Click here to see painful cocktrampling experience and you will get an idea what I am talking about. Still, knowing how many men suffered under these two Dommes, they probably precisely measured how harsh they should be at this moment and they are having a good reason how far they should go.

harsh balls trampling and hardcore Ball Torture

Balls trampling closeup pic is showing that pain is so severe that slave can’t even be sexually aroused. Just look at the size of that miserable tiny dick. Clearly Mistresses know what they are doing and the last thing on slave’s mind is his sexual pleasure. A good job, I would say. 

fem dom ball busting domination

Finally, it is time for the highlight of the evening. Stomping, beating, kicking, squeezing and devastation od slave’s balls are what we all want to see. Unfortunately, submissive’s face is covered with a black leather mask since the beginning of this painful femdom session. Otherwise, it would be really interesting to see grimaces he is making after each hit into his balls. 

I hope you are really enjoying to watch the suffering of a femdom slave just like two dominant ladies are enjoying doing it. The beauty of hardcore ball torture is the fact that once pinned down, the slave can’t do shit to save himself. Basically, he is left to rely on the mercy of his Goddess. As soon as he feels the first kick, the pain will ensure that he stays vulnerable and in the position of an easy target. For every dominant woman out there, ball busting should be on the top priority list of favorite CBT femdom torture methods and techniques. This scene is a good example of a smart approach and gradual increase in pressure and suffering until the final goal and that is a successful slave training and femdom punishment. 

femdom balls stomping

Hardcore Ball Torture
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