Heels Trampling

Heels trampling is a simple but also a very effective way of quick slave torture. You know, sometimes a solo male has to be disciplined ASAP and in that case, many of the options are not available. I am talking about more complicated stuff needing tools like femdom torture furniture, strapon dildos, electroshocks, whips, paddles, etc. So this is when a hard trample comes handy because it can be performed literally anywhere and at any moment. 

Some people think that serving as a trampling slave is something easy and not so bad compared to other forms like brutal femdom torture strapon anal female domination or femdom CBT. This is where inexperienced people are making a mistake. Sure, having to handle “only” full weight of a dominant woman might seem like easier demand for a slave but reality says something different. 

When a Mistress knows how to properly perform this type of foot domination, slave suffering can be really serious and leave very bad marks and even long term injuries on the slave’s body. For example, take a look at face trampling femdom humiliation and you will get a better idea of how serious suffering man trampled can experience.

Heels trampling torture

So what is going on in this high heels trampling and male humiliation photo gallery? It doesn’t seem like one of those above mentioned quick trample domination session. Well, it isn’t although nature is the same. In this particular case, the background of trampling in high heels is actually a game of punishment and retaliation. Keep reading to find out why kinky femdom Goddess Jasmine is dressed as a sissy maid.

Mistress Jasmine

Goddess Jasmine is well known as one of the most versatile Dommes enjoying various fetish roleplays. Recent sexy nurse dominatrix medical exam and slave humiliation video was very popular for a while. In a similar manner, she is now in an unexpected role of a sexy housemaid. A little bit unusual if you ask me, considering that we are usually enjoying to watch sissy slave femdom training and sissy maids serving Mistresses.

But there is a story behind her decision to wear sexy lingerie and hot maid uniform. The reason why she is dressed so sexy is to tease submissive guy that failed to do housework. Now she is about to give him a lesson how a proper dust cleaning is done and she is doing it such a way so the slave is punished and teased at the same time.

Dominatrix trampling male slave

While heels trample is in progress, Mistress Jasmine is explaining to him how he should do his job next time, but only if she decides to give him one more chance. To ensure he is carefully listening to her orders, Goddess is picking most vulnerable parts of the slave’s body and then she applies pressure on them. Throat, chest and eventually cock and balls! Yeah, take a look at femdom cocktrampling torture photo below to see agony sub is facing while Dominatrix is standing on his genitals without any idea of ending this soon. 

cock trampling punishment

Experienced Domina knows very well how important is to control every aspect of top rated brutal trampling session she there is a collar around slave’s neck that she is pulling hard every time sub tried to move and evade heels trampling pressure. As times goes by, he learned that resistance is futile and slave’s movements on the floor became more and more predictable than at the beginning of crush trampling scene.

sexy trampling fetish

A view to the trampling soles slave has is something really special. I doubt masked slave boy can concentrate on it because of the pain he is feeling, but that is something he should think earlier while eluding simple orders of house maintenance. This a good example of how unplanned slave training can be easily combined with some fan and still get a very good results from slave disciplininig. 

Heels Trampling
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