How To Use A Humbler?

How to use a humbler? Before answering this question, let’s be sure that everyone is 100% sure what is femdom humbler and when it is used. A short explanation would be that this is one of BDSM restraints sex toys used for ball torture. The humbler is a fully adjustable testicle cuff device that clamps around the base of the scrotum.

Sometimes, cock and ball torture is not the only goal of a femdom session but a method to get something else, or to force slaves into total obedience. You know, there is nothing so effective as physical pain when you want to get something from other people. At the and this is how our society works, we all know that being disobedient and not following laws created by the state will end in sometimes, severe punishment. In femdom, the same principle is used within female domination relationship between man and dominant woman

This is when a femdom humbler comes handy. It is a simple usually wooden device (but not necessarily), relatively affordable and easy to use. Experienced dominatrix is able to put this CBT device in a short time period what is making it even more desirable as a good choice for thorough and fast genitals tormenting.

Now, let’s get back to the question: how to use a humbler. One of the main advantages of having a slave wearing a humbler is that a Dominatrix can combine its use with other methods or femdom tools. For example, chastity devices, butt plugs, prostate massagers, penis extenders, strap ons, penis pumps, magic wand, sex furniture, and other bondage gear or fucking machines not mentioned here. But you are getting the point, the main purpose of putting a slave in humbler is to easily control him while being in a humble position and then do the rest of the job without much effort.

How To Use A Humbler?

Fetish BDSM video of a bedroom bondage humiliation you are probably already watching at this moment is featuring Mistress Britney Light. In this particular case, she is using an advanced type of femdom humbler device. The difference between her favorite tool used here and other humblers is that this one had a ball stretcher attached to it. But this is not changing the basic purpose and answer to a question how this sex toy should be used.

The humbler is secured behind the thighs at the base of the buttocks. This means the slave locked in it has to keep his limbs folded forward, as an effort to level the legs even insignificantly pulls directly on the scrotum, causing considerable pain. The main and most important part is the testicle cuff device. Once balls are placed in it, slave won’t have much choice than to obey. Even if we imagine the most incredible scenario where submissive guys somehow manage to escape from the dungeon, just try to imagine his problems and agony when he tries to remove humbler. 

It is probably an impossible mission for one person which means that he would have to call for help what will result in an embarrassment on an incredible scale. When you put all this together, it is understandable why humbler is such an effective cock ball torture instrument.

Anyway, let’s get back to the CBT video above and explain what Domina is doing to a humbler BDSM slave. Most of you would probably expect to see this sexy Dominatrix beating slave’s dick with harsh hits or a paddle. Can’t blame you for that, it is a logical conclusion when you see that cock hanging just like that. But Mistress Britney decided to use humbler differently and for something else. Keep reading!

This is kind of erotic massage with a femdom twist. What does that mean? Well, what you should know is that slave’s manhood is being locked tightly to a ball stretching humbler for the past 15 days. His balls are so blue and filled with semen to the point of erupting. Kinky femdom CBT Goddess is experimenting and she wanted to learn and see how it looks like to ejaculate if testicles full of sperm are locked in humbler. Is it possible at all? Will she be able to drain every drop or something else will happen? For a while, enjoy watching top sex femdom milking. There is also a full HD, 10 minutes long version available here if you want to see the epilogue.

As you can see, there are multiple cock torture scenarios how a humbler can be used. This is just one of them and more than enough to learn what to expect if you find your balls locked this way. The rest of the balls in the humbler harsh femdom torture scenarios will be covered in the upcoming bondage sex updates and there are many to come. Have I mentioned that this is one of the top rated cock and ball torture techniques immediately after ballbusting and groins stretching?

How To Use A Humbler?
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