Indie Fox Dominatrix

Indie Fox is the name of the beauty you are seeing in the photos below and the name that you are going to see more from now on. I would say that this femdom dominatrix represents various fetishes merged in one person. I am talking about the female strength in the first place. She is pretty strong and looks like the person you don’t want to upset in any way. Her size and curvy body come in handy when she is about to control men and force them to do something she wants. So let’s find out more about her:

Miss Indie Fox is a striking and beautiful plus-size dominant lady and alternative model who likes to tease submissive boys who soon fall under her spell. She is coming from East England (UK) and there are few of her specialties. These are sadism, cock and balls torture, and NT. More than enough for a serious dominatrix. Anyway, in the photos below, you can see her dominating a guy in the special femdom torture chair. Busty dominatrix, covered in tattoos is wearing black leather over knee boots and a tight corset. Basically, she is preparing this a guy for the something more brutal and painful. I am talking about cock and balls domination where slave’s genitals are about to be brutally punished.

As you can see maybe already recognized, whole torture scene is recorded inside The English Mansion property where many horrible things are happening all the time. Horrible for the slaves, of course, while they are great for the Ladies there. I will give you an example. Take a look at recent rubber doll bondage photo gallery and you will clearly see why this is one of the most famous femdom dungeons in the world.

Indie Fox and her slave:

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