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Lady Cheyenne Clubdom is one of the most searched terms when it comes to finding Mistresses from this top rated femdom site with unique and exclusive content. This is not a small achievement considering how many Dommes are there and that clubdom mistresses are experts at unusual femdom activities. What I’ve noticed that Mistress Cheyenne is almost never alone in her female domination endeavors. Personally, this is totally ok, there is nothing better than strapon double penetration or double cock and ball torture. Just saying that it would be great to see fresh Club Dom updates where she is ruining slave and pounds his ass alone. Until then, let’s enjoy some free Clubdom Mistress pics. So what is going on in this scene?

Mistress Cheyenne and Mistress Lydia Supremacy let some special footage stills leak of them interrogating a suspected traitorous slave to deter their other slaves from trying the same thing. First, you see Goddess Lydia and Cheyenne brutally beating their slave prisoner with huge paddles. You can see how his pale white ass quickly turns light red with the pain of being paddled. Then, you can see the deep dark red welts form on his butt as clubdom Mistresses begin caning him. Mistress Lydia and Mistress Cheyenne tied up their slave traitor so they can whip him more easily with their long leather whips. Hopefully, their other slaves learned the lesson, to try to steal information from them so the Mistresses can enjoy their female supremacy interrogation techniques. What every male slave should know is that this is just the basic level of femdom torture. There are much worse things that they simply love to do. And these are a cock and ball torture, brutal face sitting, strap-on cocks blowjobs, cock whipping and much more. So be careful and always listen your Dominatrix.

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Lady Cheyenne Clubdom
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