Mistress Susi Latex Worship Photos

Latex worship is probably something that most of you guys went through at some point. Even if you didn’t, it is just a matter of time when you will be forced to show some devotion to a Mistress in latex. Of course, all this considering that you are a real femdom fetish lover. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here at Femdom Destiny, right?

For all of you people looking for a latex worship fetish, I ‘ve found something beautiful and different than usually. What I am trying to say is that in today’s update, we are looking at vid caps from a Mistress Susi domestic femdom video. I would say that people into the wet look fetish are going to be pleased. There is a video available but do not expect anything violent or painful this time. I know that many people liked her huge strapon and anal violation session but this one is intended for a different occasion. Domestic female domination stuff is always cool to see because it reminds us that a real Dominatrix doesn’t need expensive and complicated equipment. Just some imagination and a wish to humiliate can be enough. 

So let’s get back to the Dominatrix Susi and her bathroom. She is using all available time to please her wish for a male humiliation. While slowly taking a shower, her slave is already in the proper position. And we all know that the best position for men is to be on their knees. With her shiny butt in latex, she is giving him an order to start worshipping it. Without a hesitation, the naked guy started licking that ass. But it different, much more slippery than he was expecting. While he is trying, a Mistress slowly took of upper part of a latex costume. Experienced in teasing and humiliation, she won’t let him stare at her beautiful tits. She is taking care of her hygiene at first place, and a slave is there only to make all that even more pleasant for a Mistress.

Latex worship photos:

Mistress Susi
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Mistress Susi Latex Worship Photos
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