Leather Boots Worship

Sometimes the best things are the simplest ones. Especially if they are not staged or planned. You are just looking at one of those unexpected female domination scenes. It is about an ordinary girl that came to her scheduled exam at the gynecologist. She is coming to his ambulance for many years because he was recommended by her aunt. Everything seemed normal and this exam started in the same way as any other. But, at some point, she noticed that her doctor seems nervous. He is not focused and was trying to avoid looking her in the eyes. It was obvious that something is wrong but she didn’t know what is wrong.  

At first, she thought that she missed something and that made her feel uncomfortable. But it didn’t take long before things are starting to be clearer. Suddenly a doctor couldn’t resist anymore and he went on his knees. With a crying voice, he just gave a confession that there is something that is stronger than him. He is talking about a boots fetish.Just as he said, he can control himself only if boots are not leather. Unfortunately for him, his patient is wearing a pair of those. The girl was confused. I mean, she knows that guys love to see a girl in boots but this was a real surprise. At the beginning, she was reserved but at some point, she decided to take the advantage of this awkward situation. While learning that she has an absolute control under her gynecologist, she decided to spice things a little bit more. Leather boots worship became a boots cleaning and shining. She ordered to her new slave that he has to properly lick her boots and suck her heels. When the medical exam is finished, she wants to see her sexy femdom boots shiny as new!

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leather boots worship
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Leather Boots Worship
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