Leather Domme

Leather domme fetish is one of the basic things related to female domination and female supremacy. I would say it is one of the most common fantasies but not only for people starting to discover beauties of submissive lifestyle but also for the majority of folks already deep into femdom humiliation.

Somehow, sexy woman in a leather dress, leather pants or costume is the first association when you think about Dominatrix, right? You will notice that whenever you search for a dominant woman online, most of the results will show images with at least one leather domme on them. What I have learned is that many people are actually not having an idea of what real dominant woman actually means but what they know for sure is how she suppose to look like.

Now, I did extensive research on the subject of leather fetishism and why it is an important part of every submissive slave life and I must say that this subject is partially covered in this article about top rated femdom fetishes, but it is still a huge subject that I will cover in some of the future updates here. The purpose of today’s leather femdom photos update is not to theorize much about it but to simply enjoy this great gallery featuring not only one leather domme, but two of them.

Leather Domme

outdoor femdom punishment

What you are looking at are a pair of leather domina bitches and their male slave. Forced to be on his knees, naked and without any rights, most that he will be able to see are riding leather boots bot Mistresses are wearing.

Blonde dominatrix is divine Mistress Heather, while other big tits Goddess is Mistress Tangent, fetish BDSM domme and someone who doesn’t need a special introduction. 

femdom kicking torture

To ensure that the slave will follow their orders and remain in the position they want, the first thing blonde domme in leather did is that she started harsh and painful femdom whipping. While she is hitting slave in a classic human furniture position all over his back, Mistress Tanged joined her. 

Ano after another, strong hits are making slave humble and eventually he will become absolutely obedient. But why Goddesses need him almost lifeless? What is the point of all this? Well, the answer is on the next black leather Goddess photo below.

leather domme trampling

The reason is related to what is about to happen next and that is brutal and painful femdom trampling. Simply speaking, they need him stable without any unwanted moves. You can just imagine how much it hurts when a sexy girl is standing on already injured slave’s back! Personally, It would be even better if domme destroys him with high heels boots or shoos, but you can’t have it all, right? In the end, there are many guys turned on especially by this type of flat femdom boots.

Mistresses trampling naked guy

While you watch leather bitches having fun and hurting fat guy and his big ass, as usual, there are few more related videos and pho galleries I would like to share. The first one is very similar to the gallery above. It is about a MILF domme and a leather domina training femdom slave outdoors. While she is subjecting slave to her will, his dick is locked inside the chastity device.

The second scene is featuring busty Mistress in a leather outfit, Mistress Ezada Sinn. Armed with the long whip and in leather gloves, she is sharing tied sub with another Dominatrix. 

Leather Domme
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