Lezdom Discipline

Lezdom discipline and the process of lesbian femdom is more or less, always the same. Dominant female at one side and submissive lesbian slave at another one. It is only a question of the method used by lezdom Mistress that she will pick to train and humiliate slave girl. 

For example, some fetish lesbian Dommes are into lezdom BDSM torture as a preferred method. Other ones are into well-proven strapon lesbian sex brat perversions. Third ones enjoy practicing lesbian domination outdoors like rubber strapon Mistress Tanja. There is a huge list of lesbian discipline methods but today I’ve found something that will spice up things. I am talking about lesbian spanking where one girl has to watch her sister being disciplined. Once teacher dishes out lezdom discipline, it is her turn to go through the same. Threesome is not the best description but it is very close to that from the perspective of fetish spanking.

Maybe this gallery t is not so violent as many of you are expecting, but it is definitely erotic in a very special way. Keep reading descriptions below domestic discipline photos for better understanding of what is going on the humiliating OTK spanking session.

Lezdom Discipline

Lezdom Discipline

Sisters Alex and Maddy are always squabbling. They are awful at school, where somehow they are in the same class and horrific at home. A strict woman like Mistress Clare has her own terms and conditions for living under her roof. One of them is that there is always a punishment for everything you do wrong. Being so bad at school is one of those reasons and now it is time for spanking discipline.

Mature Domme Spanking Young Girl

So at this point, there are not many things to talk about. The damage is done, now it is time for a retribution. The only question is who is going to be first to get domestic lesbian discipline. Experienced Goddess knows that it will be best to let girls decide. If so, the whole hard discipline session will be even more traumatic for them. I mean, imagine a moment where you have to decide between yourself and your closest person. A very tough decision that will leave deep and permanent marks on sister’s relationship.

harsh lesbian punishment

In the first two photos, you can see redhead Alex getting what she deserves while Maddy is watching what is going on. Hearing her little sis crying and begging under harsh spanking hits, fear, and anxiety are slowly raising. Until the moment,  mature femdom lesbian ordered to come. Witnessing this live sex humiliation definitely had the desired effect from Mistress’s point of view.
Poor lezdom submissive is shivering and crying even before girl on girl action started. Well, she should think about all this earlier. The only thing left now is to wait for a corporal punishment to be delivered. 

Lesiban Discipline

Lezdom Discipline
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