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Femdom stories are collected from different femdom sources (websites, newsgroups) and sent by visitors of femdom destiny. If you have femdom story you would like to publish go to contact page . If you have more info about existing femdom authors or information about femdom stories with unknown author, please, use same page.
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More info
Butt Fun Brutal and hardcore femdom strapon story
The Breaking Cage excerpt from writers latest book Latest story
Constance P. Smythe
Melvin goes to a Boy's Finishing School.
Whitish Monkey
Teenager is enslaved by his classmates.
Eo Suchus
A guy can't believe his luck when he's invited to spend a holiday with two beauties in their beach apartment..
Cindy V.
Karen squares off with rich bitch Hellene in the ring. (F/F, F/M, NC, Facesitting)
Cactus Juggler
He was an English slave who had craved the cane as a young boy.
Mistress Caitlin
A sexy woman learns that dominating men can be quite pleasureable for both the men and her.
Cactus Juggler
Femdom, choke, smother, cuckold, mild homosexuality
Gina uses her ample female assets to her advantage. (F/M, F/F, MC)
New story of humiliation and cuckoldry. Fiancee has her way with her future hubby.
Brian Houlihan
Femdom chat
Public Humiliation, Small Penis Humiliation, Verbal Humiliation
Alexander The Poet
Five wishes
Five wishes are granted to the guy (err, wanna be famous, and err, lots of girls, and uh, ...), and now look what a mess he got himself into.
Butt Flunky
French kiss
Cruel French ballerinas enslave their American admirer. They screw up the relationship with his gf and degrade him thoroughly
Horse Of A Different Color
Horse ranch helper
Veronica's Slave
Cactus Juggler
Japanese restaurant
- unknown -
Cathy takes control
Cathy facesits Tom into submission, and then his girlfriend arrives... (F/F, F/M, NC, Facesitting)
Cactus Juggler
Locker Room Domination
The volleyball team catches a pervert taping them in the locker room.
Cactus Juggler
Low life
becoming a little bitch
jenny king
Mistress and the mouse  
JJ Gilles
Made for a day
- unknown -
- unknown -
Master bates
Wendel Bates' mom engages one of his classmates as baby-sitter. So young and so humiliated.
Megan's secret
A college girl discovers her younger sister's secret. (F/F, NC, Facesitting)
Cactus Juggler
Mid summer nights
Mindy's sweet revenge
A college student, desperate for a beautiful co-ed, is taught a lesson he'll not soon forget.
Mother knows best
Way over the top tale of maternal dominance that works despite or because of its uncompromising crudeness.
Ed Nick
My dominant wife
- unknown -
Mistress Remington's visit
A feminized, sissy maid, house-husband is subjected to humiliation and a beating
from his Wife/Mistress and her socialite friend Latest story
Constance Pennington Smythe
Not by me
- unknown -
Office slut
Ed The Bruiser is turned into the office slut by his female subordinates.
Ed Nick
On display
A Femdom takes her unwitting slave on a journey to a real-life dungeon.
- unknown -
A fantasy of mine...that almost came true, two very hot trans girls and me  Latest story
Secret sorority
College guys get taught a lesson by college girls.
Ed Nick
She wins
The Fate of this man is not to be envied (some CBT)
- unknown -
This one here is allergic against smoke. Imagine two smoking bitches...
So soft and bouncy
Jackie convinces her busty friend to give her husband a special birthday gift. (F/F, F/M, MC)
Cactus Juggler
Spring storm
Wife never gives her husband a break, not even in front of their 5-year old daughter. And what a sissy he is, too. Geez!
John Marmot
Strictly evil
Staring at a girl's legs in the office can have nasty side-effects. This one has just waited for it, and she knows how to work a man's libido.
Beck & Call
Tanja the boss
Long story of abuse at the work place, in this case a restaurant. The bitches!
Russel Nash
The art teacher
- unknown -
The babysitter
Baby-Sitter makes a violent and lasting impression on boy. Emphasis on CBT
The boarder
Unemployed guy finds new accomodation with an elderly couple. The wife has enormous appetite for sexual domination ...
Brian Houlihan
The confession
Cactus Juggler
The gift of tongue
Ra's Elf the Younger
The head mistress
Same-said lady abusing a couple of pupils.
The shoe store
When a male sales assistant tries to take advantage of his beautiful client, he realises that he's bitten off more than he can chew....
Mistress Chloe (London)
The voice of magic
Tracy and Wendy play with some powerful magic. (F/F, F/M, MC, Incest)
Cactus Juggler
The whiphand
- unknown -
Trouble with santa
- unknown -
Two times a trouble
- unknown -
Ultimate control
A wife, fed up with the man's world she lives in, vents her frustration on her hubby.CBT.
- unknown -
Under her desk
Guy is blackmailed into a life under her desk, first - that's hard enough - and then under her ass.
Brian Solomon
Under Marry
A teenage girl catches her neighbour playing with her underwear and blackmails him for that.
Veronica's slave
Veronica teaches her friend Lena how to wrestle. (F/F, NC, Facesitting)
Cactus Juggler
Viagra vixens
Two beauties want to know what happens when you pump a guy full with Viagra and then tease him endlessly.
Walk in clinic
When a nurse at this clinic notices her male patient's feminine panties she can't help seizing the opportunity.
Colin Graham
Wet revenge
Gym janitor learns the error of his ways.
- unknown -
Wild adventure
Girlfriend collects a bet
Work to scale
Work to scale - 2
Cactus Juggler
Young goddess faceslapping party
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