Helena And Kendra Male Humiliation

Male humiliation is the ultimate fantasy for many people. Luckily, some girls really live it and they are doing it as often as they can. I would say that a strong wish for a male humiliation begins to develop in childhood with the first discovery of human relationships. For the most persistent it eventually becomes a normal thing. Just to be clear, I am talking about the real life here, not about fantasy scenarios (that are always welcomed, of course). 

As you know, femdom humiliation can be done in so many ways. From brutal physical torture to mindfucking and brainwashing. Combinations are limitless and today’s photo update is exactly about that. Two sexy and dominant girls combining different methods with one divine goal and that is male humiliation. 

It seems that While Helena and Kendra don’t have a problem achieving what they started. They are both intensely beautiful women, they are also both very cruel to men. They love nothing more than to collect a new male, destroy his ego and convert him to a compliant slave. They have already exposed this slave by getting him to remove his hood, now they will further his humiliation step by step. One of the girls took her panties and placed them over the slave’s surprised face. With his hands tied, he can only sniff them and tell them how beautiful is this experience. Once they finish with laughing to him, girls want to give him some more humiliation that he is not expecting.

The slave is now forced to suck a plastic black cock while he is in the perfect blowjob position, on his knees. But you know, girls agreed that a good male humiliation session is not good without at least some pain. This is why they started torturing slave’s nipples. Just look at that face in pain and agony on the third picture below. Unfortunately for him, this was just the beginning of physical torture. Now it is a time for some brutal double femdom whipping!

Male humiliation – real life: 

panty sniffing humiliation
forced plastic cock sucking

femdom nipples toture   femdom whipping torture

Now beaten and exposed, this man has been exposed for the bitch that he is. Completely broken by Helena and Kendra, he will make a suitable slave for them to use as they see fit, suffering under their whip anytime they feel like it and serving as their humiliation slut. Just another male added to their stable, now on to the next one!

Helena And Kendra Male Humiliation
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