Male Slave CBT

Male slave CBT femdom fetish torture photos featuring hot blonde Goddess, Mistress Anikka are about one of the most effective BDSM torture methods, balls stretching. You know, sometimes it is enough just to take a look at the cock torture scene and to see that a Dominatrix know what she is doing, even before she starts extreme CBT. This is one of those scenes. I mean, just look at the first photo below and you will see that a CBT slave is firmly tied. Practically, he is totally helpless and sitting there, depending on his Goddesse’s mercy. Just like it should be. One thing Mistress Anikka loves more than anything is busting a man’s balls into oblivion! Her fresh meat is tied up leaving him completely vulnerable since he can’t stand still and take kicks to the balls like a man. One way or another Mistress Anikka will get the pleasure she desires from destroying her slave’s precious genitals.

Someone with so much experience in cock and balls torture knows how important is to balance things to get the most of the slave training session. What I am trying to say, that except the pain that is mandatory, she wants to see slave with erected big cock. Why? Well, it is simple. More blood rushing through the dick, more painful it will be for the slave. This is why she is wearing tight black leather boots, shiny PVC costume, and black nylon stockings. And we all know how a woman looking like this affects men, right? I mean, she looks just she is coming from the porn movies. But, Miss Annika is untouchable and that is something we can’t say for his balls. At first, she loves to watch him from the above, basically telling him what is about to happen. You can see the fear in slave’s eyes which means that Mistress plays her role very well, from the beginning. Even if this is just the part of the complete ballbusting session from one of the best recommended femdom sites, it is clear that it is going to be a hard for a slave!

Male slave CBT pics

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Male Slave CBT
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