Male Slave Milking

Male slave milking fetish porn video you are about to see is featuring one of the sexiest Dommes, Princess Lenna Lux. This femdom mistress is one of the top rated milkers and slave milking Goddess. I would say that her cute, pretty and gorgeous little face is the major turn on for already horny guys under her control.

The goal of milking male slave session is kind of specific. Goddess Lenna wants to prove to her slave that he has absolutely no control in his orgasms now that he has become her collared bitch. This is not only a classic femdom handjob and cock milking humiliation. Considering there are various BDSM fetish elements, I will say this is a perfect example of a cruel handjob hardcore female domination draining.

Male Slave Milking


What I like most while watching an exclusive content high quality video of a tied sex slave is the complete approach to male milking. Instead of being extremely violent like you are probably expecting when a Mistress abuses male and stroking his dick, experienced Dominatrix and one of the best femdom pornstars Lena Lux is going slowly, enjoying every moment of slave’s bittersweet porn experience. After you see how she is detailed with milking cock, you will understand that forced femdom milking prostate can be a very serious thing to do.

But what impressed me most is the choice of the tool She is using while the sub is tied to the milking table. I am not talking about improvised ball stretcher made from plexiglas. Sure it is pretty innovative to have it made from something transparent so whoever is watching BDSM male slave suffering, will see every single detail of ball busting torture. 

Kinky Goddess decided to use a special device called Cock Milker 3500X. No man will be able to resist it’s extremely intense vibrations as Goddess grips it tightly around his helpless penis. What is interesting is that no matter if a cock is soft or hard, this fantastic femdom device will milk out any cum hiding away in a slave’s balls. Yeah, it is so powerful. Unfortunately, as until new, sites’ terms of service (privacy policy) is not allowing new videos to be shown completely so you won’t see how strong ejaculation was at the end of male milking machine demonstration.

Full-length footage of this real milking machine is available here but also be ready to see some of the best porn videos where Goddesses are doing other nasty stuff as face sitting, cuckold milked xxx movies, foot fetish domination, slave boy real milking or kinky scenes where a latex mistress fucks male with some of the biggest strapon you have ever seen

Anyway, one of the worst possible situations for a slave in a real life is to be tied to the bed. No matter will Mistress fuck helpless submissive or he will be subjected to the cum eating humiliation coming after male slave milking, it is one of the most frightening positions for every guy out there. Basically, once you find yourself tied to the bed, you will finally understand of helplessness. Being under dominant Girl’s control is a special kind of experience, sexually thrilling but also terrifying especially for the younger guy just experiencing female supremacy for the first time.

When you put all that together, BDSM male featured in the Mistress milking video above is actually a pretty lucking guy considering all the possible femdom torture scenarios what could happen to him. But who knows, maybe the next time he will be subjected to slave anal pegging femdom humiliation.

Male Slave Milking
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