Male Toilet Slave

Male toilet slave is one of those top rated femdom fetishes that is simply not for everyone. What I’ve noticed long ago is that there is an obvious shortage of slave videos or galleries featuring toilet female domination and humiliation.

One of the most important reasons for the lack of human toilet femdom is that it is simply not legal everywhere which means it is harder to make those scenes where slaves have to handle different forms of faeces. And I am not talking the only amount the most extreme option of femdom scat but also everything involving kinky sex games with girls pissing on their slaves.

Anyway, at this point what I can do is to try to popularize male toilet slave fetish. The most appropriate way at this point is to slowly go with exposing people to beauties of toilet servitude. For that purpose, I’ve found one great example and one of the new videos featuring well-known Dominatrix, Mistress T.

Male toilet slave POV video


The main difference compared to previously published femdom piss humiliation galleries is the position of the camera. What you are about to see is a genuine femdom POV (point of view) where the camera is trying to put you in the place of a male slave and his miserable perspective. I would say this mistress toilet perfectly portrayed the role of the amateur femdom slave. This is why you should open your mind and try not to think about anything else except how to serve this divine femdom lady! So keep reading and keep on your mind that she likes young or inexperienced men. Putting them in a place she believes they deserve is her expertise! So let’s get deeper into the scene and see what is going on here:

Mistress T summons you into her favorite part of the home, the bathroom. There are multiple reasons why she loves it so much and pissing domination is just one of many. She has just finished leaking right in front your very eyes as you kneel obediently before her. You can literally hear and smell everything as she releases her waste. Blonde mistress then slides her soaking wet vagina up to your face and orders you to clean her up completely. Actually, all this mess reminded me of the recent dirty pussy femdom licking scene. Anyway, Domina orders you to lick up every drop and make her pussy clean. When she is satisfied, she stands up and presents her dirty ass to you to lick clean. But are you wondering what is next and how this beautiful Mistress servitude will end? let me give you a little help. Take a look at her fingering anal hole and you will get an idea what is next, LOL.

Everything is just like it should be. You are weak and Goddess is strong. Mistress explains your new role and how you will be used daily from now on. I would add that this video is a pretty good example of how every single young woman should treat men when looking for toilet slavery training. 

Oh and don’t forget anything else. Check out the blonde farting scene where kinky Goddess is farting directly into slave’s face while spreading her stinky asshole. I think that people into toilet servitude and those who like scat movies are going to appreciate that hot chick humiliation scene. 

Male Toilet Slave
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