Mature Mistress

Mature Mistress, who is first coming to your mind then you say this? Interesting but there are actually no many of real Dommes left today. Most of the girls are young. That is totally fine as I am concerned. I am just saying that you can have a problem looking for a genuine mature mistress.

In my case, the first person that came to my mind is an extremely experienced femdom and lezdom dominatrix, Mistress Strapon Jane. With years of brutal pegging and humiliation behind her, she looks seriously hot and dangerous at her age. As you can see in the photos below, Miss Jane is in the perfect physical form. I don’t know is that from doing physical exercises or from constant strapon action but it is not important as long as she looks like this. Dressed in sexy black nylon stockings, she is conducting just one more of many strapon humiliation sessions. Strap on is her favorite tools and it is like that for years back. As you are guessing, Mistress has them in different shapes and sizes and she is really good at making an assessment which one to use on a slave. 

While you are looking at mature Mistress photos, you will notice that she is preparing a naked guy for one of her favorite strapon dildos. Before she finally starts pegging with a huge black strap on, Strapon Jane wants to be sure that a guy understands what is about to happen. Knowing her and her female domination methods, I believe that this is probably the first time for a guy. I am telling that because she is forcing him to suck, look and smell plastic strapon and meet it before he starts feeling it from the back.

Mature Mistress strapon:

forced stapon blowjob

mature strapon dominatrix female domination pegging

The slave should not be worried that a strapon blowjob will last long. Mistress Jane can’t wait to start pegging his tight ass. Usually, her sessions last for a while. There is no easy time or privileged slaves. Once she starts, there is no turning back. This applies to male and female slaves without a difference. For her, they are just the meat and object, Mistress is not treating them as human beings. Just like it should be!

Mature Mistress
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